Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Beauty of Maturity part 1

In a society that celebrates youth culture, and emphasizes the obsession of holding on to a younger appearance, it may be easy to overlook that special kind of beauty that only comes with maturity. The irony is that many of the roles played on the small and big screen that depict teenagers are often portrayed by actors who have passed their teens. It would seem that as long as we are to believe that the character is 17 or 18, the reality of the actor being in his twenties is irrelevant. But underneath that lies a deeper and unspoken truth: it is the men, not the boys that actually fuel our fantasies.

The rules of fame, however, do not necessarily translate to the real world, and far too often the images of men over thirty are pushed into a type of genre alongside fetishes. In the world of pornography, the faces and bodies are practically interchangeable, and when faces are not shown, it can be difficult to figure out who is doing what to whom. That is until and older actor enters the scene. The moment a more mature actor is featured, the role playing shifts to that of student and teacher, in a variety of manifestations. And the description of older could represent less than five years difference in the age of the performers, but the number is less important than the appearance.

The attraction of youth is youth itself, and it is hard to discount the allure of freshness that only the young possess, but there is an element of splendor in the self assured pose and confident carriage of a man who has passed the 3-0. Boys are cute; men are handsome, sexy, rugged and virile.

This issue of BLISS spotlights male models that embody the strength, sensuality and beauty of men over thirty, with the spotlight on two of my favorites; Vic Rocco and Nova.

©2009 Sean Dibble

Photo Credits:
model: NMMNoVa


2-model: Oocelot

photo: GLIMPSe visual
3-model: Gennaro Brigante

photo: Greg Weiner for Playgirl Magazine (April 2007 issue)
4-model: Leonardo Columbo

5-model: Rock Walker

photo: YogaBear Studio

6-model: J K Farrell
photo: DFA Photo

7-model: ClayeD

photo LLMT- Imagez

8-model: Ed Ryan

photo: Ron Reyes Photography

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