Saturday, August 8, 2009


David Costa is a passionate and well-qualified sportsman. David would like to convey to you his passion for sport with his sports coaching.

David is committed to athletic and muscular sports and he has obtained a great deal of knowledge through his university education (STAPS Master's 1 and 2, involving training, physical preparation and sports management), his university diploma in physical preparation and STAPS licence in training and physical preparation, and by being awarded his two state permits (physical shaping and HACUMESE). In parallel he has gone further in his field by gaining much experience in dealing with a highly varied clientele, thanks to his involvement as a gym coach as well as a sports coach, as a fitness instructor and in his bodybuilding work. He has also taken part in athletes' physical preparation (rugby teams to federal level 1 and racing car drivers in the French GT3 championship).
Do you want to start sports activities or take them up again so as to feel better about yourself, get into shape again, lose some kilos you have put on, increase muscular mass, relax after a day's work, change your way of thinking or improve your performance, or take part in a competition? David's varied knowledge and his experience allows him to help you whatever your objectives may be.
David will also guide you on the nutritional level and give suitable advice essential for attaining your objectives, whether they are concerned with wellbeing, performance or appearance.
Has salsa always attracted you, but you have never dared to sign up for a class course? David offers you special salsa courses.D

Training sessions can take place at any time, 7/7, 24/24, at your home, in a gym, at your hotel or office.
For more information please visit his website:
Cell: 00 33 667 17 69 09
Mail address:
BLISS is proud to be able to present David Costa, and his first feature on personal fitness tips will appear soon. Please use his contact information for serious inquiries only.

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