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Meet Gio'vanni Sebastian


talks with model Gio'vanni Sebastian

What do we see when we look at an image of a beautiful model? What is it that appeals to us?
Everyone is drawn to what attracts them, and those reasons can be the obvious physical aspects, or something deeper.
Here at BLISS, the attraction is varied and includes almost all types, but there is something undeniable about the model who is bold enough to show more than one side of himself, even if that other side leads to the shedding of clothing.
24 year old Florida resident, Gio'vanni is not afraid to show skin, nor does he shy away from experimenting with sensuality and erotica. His youthful appearance can be coy, athletic, or switch to an up front, in-your-face depiction of sex. A self-described nerd, with a gift for languages, coupled with an interest in expressing sex and sexuality in an uncompromising way.
Meet Gio'vanni Sebastian - the BLISS interview.
BLISS: How did you get your start in modeling and what initially attracted you to it?

Gio'vanni Sebastian: I got my very first start when I was 18. I was approached by a photographer for H&M in Germany to do some of their ads. They were trying to make their brand appear more exotic to the German consumers. :-)

B: What was your first shoot like?

GS: My first shoot that actually felt like a true shoot wasn't actually for a company but for my own portfolio. It was about a year and a half ago with photographer Jeffrey Rich. It took place over a 3 day weekend in several locations and really helped me grow as a model, taking me out of my element in many cases and showing me what kind of art I was capable of creating.

B: Do you have a favorite photographer that you've worked with? If so, why?

GS: I love EVERY photographer I've worked with. Each have captured me in a different light and have added their own perspective and passion to the various projects, so I can't really say that one is a favorite over the other.

B: Who are some other photographers that you've worked with that you admire and why?

GS: Jeffrey Rich for his impeccable vision and flawless use of natural light and Mad Khemist for his "think outside the box" mentality and contributions to the more erotic side of my modeling career.

B: Are there any particular photographers that you would like to work with in the future?

GS: There are so many! But for me, it's moreso finding photographers that see something in me as a model that no one else has. Photographers with a unique vision. That's the only way you grow and expand as a model.

B:What would you consider to be your best feature?

GS: My eyes.

B: What is your definition of beauty? Is it purely physical, in terms of looks, or does attitude, carriage and personality play a role?

GS: The physical aspect of a person is the first impression anyone gets upon meeting you, so that does play a huge role initially, but it doesn't stop there. I've met so many beautiful canvases with an awful interior, and that's a total put off. So, inner beauty i.e. personality, attitude, chemistry is equally as important if not more.

B:Your images are very diverse, from somewhat classic style portraiture all the way to erotic extremes. Do you collaborate on any of the ideas for these shoots?

GS: I've been fortunate enough to work with photographers who appreciate my input as much as their own, so I've been very vocal about strange ideas I've had. Though most of the "magic" has happened spontaneously, where the photographer or I might simply say, "hey what if we tried like this? I wonder how that would turn out." And voila!

B: You appear nude in many of your photos. What is your general attitude about nudity?

GS: I grew up all over and spent YEARS of my childhood and adolescent life in Europe. There, nudity isn't at all taboo, so I think it's beautiful and natural. I don't understand why people get so worked up on nude photography or art. Why limit yourself to clothes?

B: What is your view on artistic erotica?

GS: I think it's healthy. Erotica is a part of every individual. It's a part of sexuality, sensuality and in a sense communication. It's like an emotion, and I think people should be allowed to experience every array of emotions.

B: How would you define the difference between erotic art and pornography?

GS: I think it all comes down to the purpose behind it. If it's made as a means of making money or just to help people "get there jollies" it can be more pornographic. If, however, it's created with a vision in mind to do something unique and beautiful and enrich the artistic world, it's erotic art.

B: What are your views on pornography in general? Good, bad or indifferent? x x x

GS: Indifferent. I say to each his own on that one. No judgment necessary.

B: I'm sure you've had many offers. Have you ever, or would you ever consider working in porn?

GS: Actually, I have. Nothing major or contractual, but I tried it out. To me, it was a way to yet again test the boundaries of myself as a person and as an artist. I decided that it wasn't the kind of product I was proud of creating so I didn't go any further, but I still have a very deep passion for erotic art that some would still consider porn. You've seen some of my photos! :-)

B: What was the best photo shoot you've been invovled with and why?

GS: I shot with Gio Caruso for the Swimwear/Fashion edition of HotSpots Magazine. It was a fun experience! We shot in about 7 different locations with a total of 5 models I believe plus the lighting staff, photographer, editors, etc... It was very organized, and everyone got along great and had a good time! The photos turned out great as well.

B: What was the most challenging and why?

GS: The shoot I did with Jeffrey Rich was the most challenging because he made me step out of my comfort zone. He urged me showcase areas of myself that I maybe had insecurities about and use my flaws as strengths. It was intense. Everyone knows the little things they don't like about their appearance and they are good at hiding those things. It's difficult when someone asks you to do the exact opposite of hide them.

B: Do you have any other artistic leanings besides modeling?

GS: I've been a dancer and singer for the larger part of my life. I really enjoy modeling, but maybe singing, acting or dancing would be an endeavor to work towards eventually.

B: Do you have a particular favorite of all the images you've done?

GS: There are so many I love and so many I hate that others love, haha. But there is one, it's a black and white image of me sitting down with my knees up, head tucked into my knees and my arms wrapping around my legs. I don't know why, but that's my favorite image.

B: Is there any particular image or idea that you have wanted to create, but have yet to do?

GS: Yes, SO MANY! I'd love to do more high fashion photography with insane outfits and hair and make-up! I'd also love to do underwater shoots or shoots that showcase my dance background. So many models just want to show off their bodies, but I want to shoot more along the TRULY unique and artistic realm of things.

B: What advice would you give a new model starting out in the business?

GS: You have to be disciplined, committed and able to take rejection! It's a lifestyle. You have to completely revamp your diet and work out routine and make it a part of your every day life FOREVER. You have to always be in tip top shape and ready for when the phone rings and you're up! You also have to be willing to keep trying even when people constantly tell you you aren't what they're looking for and reject you.

B: Do you have any personal heroes?
GS: Yeah, but I can't think of which ones to name here and why.

B: On a lighter note, tell me 5 fun facts about Giovanni

GS: I speak 7 languages fluently!
I like to write poetry in French and actually have some work published under an alias.
I love yodeling and line dancing!
I've had ALMOST every piercable part of my body pierced at one point or another.
I'm in school for Linguistics and Cognitive Science i.e. I'm a nerd.

B: What is your ultimate goal in this industry?
GS: Ultimately, I'd like to make a career out of it and see where doing so takes me. I'd like to use photography and whatever other mediums I'm fortunate enough to tap into as a way to make an impact in this world and leave a lasting impression.

B: Any last words?
GS: Thank you for featuring me and taking an interest!

©2009 Sean Dibble

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