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LUIS LUCAS - The BLISS Interview

Luis Lucas loves to dance. It’s just something that he does, and something he does rather well, as a matter of fact. Before deciding to enter the modeling world he was a performer, and his love for the art is evident in a video on YouTube (he’s the one in the back wearing a stripped shirt). His transition to posing retains much of the same energy, and his port contains images of him in motion. Apparently, this boy just can’t stop moving. x
He also can’t stop evolving. The earlier shots reveal a beautiful youth who would be described as cute in that boy-next-door kind of way, but Luis quickly morphed into a sexier version of himself, revealing a physique that became more toned and chiseled as he filled out. The sweet face shots were replaced by edgier creations that including him slipping into character as a homeless man, as well as a cross between a hip hop kid/skater boy surrounded by walls covered in colorful graffiti. And then came the sexy stuff.
The first time you notice the transformation is in series of photos by AJR imaging. The wide eyed innocent with the big smile has been traded for a more grown up and distinctly masculine image, replete with intense scowl, rippling muscles, unbuttoned jeans sliding just far enough down to offer a peek at a perfectly formed buttocks, and skin that glistens from water droplets. This Luis is HOT. The only thing hotter is another photo of him wearing nothing but a pair of white Calvin Klein steel boxer briefs, which he is sliding down to the top of his pubic hair line, while giving the illusion that we can see much more. Yes this is the new Luis, still performing, but now ready to reveal himself in sexy underwear or just showing off his wonderful swimmers build. He and his port have grown up, and we are glad we stuck around to see the whole show.
BLISS: Luis, I've been following your portfolio on Model Mayhem for awhile now and it's been interesting to watch you evolve as a model. You started out as a performer though. What type of performances were you involved in?
LUIS LUCAS: I first started on acting. I did a lot of theater in high school; musical theater and some TV work, and then I moved on to dance. Before I realized it, I was hooked and completely in love with theatre and dance.
B: And elements of dancing can be found in so many different types of performances. In your port there are photos of you that have a martial arts feel to them. Was this something you studied as well?
LL: Not at all LOL. I've never done any martial arts in my life. I'm just an observer and very flexible. I try to do something interesting looking when I’m working with a photographer. That’s when dance becomes very handy in modeling.

B: What brought about the decision to transition into modeling? Was it something that you were always interested in or sort of fell into?
LL: I never thought I would be a model… never thought I was photogenic, or good enough to be a model. Modeling happened by accident; I wanted to get some new headshots for acting auditions, so I worked with a photographer and he thought that I should try to get more into modeling, so I thought I should give it a shot.
B: And here you are. LOL. I feel that all types of performance require an element of exhibitionism, but modeling is somewhat different in that much of it is stationary. I have found that many people are initially uncomfortable and require some time to get into the mood of posing. Was it difficult for you?
LL: I don’t see it as posing, I just feel the mood. It comes natural to me; I just listen to the photographer and try to come up with something interesting. I always try to think outside the box and try to imagine how it would look from the cameras view.
B: It’s good that you say that because many models or those aspiring to be do not realize that it’s not the photographer’s job to come up with all the poses. It’s enough for us to concentrate on getting the right angles and expressions. I would say that this is the biggest obstacle during the first photo shoot. Did you find it difficult? What was your first shoot like? Is there anything specific that stands out, such as nervousness, or a feeling of freedom?
x x
LL: I was so nervous; i had no idea what to do. But the photographer told me to relax and little by little i started to loosen up and the I became very comfortable. It was an interesting experience.

B: Are there any specific tips or lessons that you learned during your first shoot that have helped you as you moved forward with your modeling?
LL: Relax. That’s the first thing I learned. I always learn something new in every photo shoot I do.
B: Who are the photographers that you've worked with that really stand out in your mind, and what was it about them that was so appealing to you?
LL: They all stand out for me. Every single photographer is very different from the other. But I have to say that AJR has made me who I am, they taught me everything I know and they basically pushed me to become a better model. They also pushed me to grow and not just as a model but as a person. I LOVE AJR!!!
B: You can tell when a photographer and model have a special relationship. There is a comfort level and sense of trust that creates chemistry and allows the model to be freer during the session. This freedom is totally evident in the photos that you did with AJR. They are some of my favorites.
xDo you have a wish list of other photographers that you'd like to work with someday?
LL: WOW there are so many photographers that I want to work with, I could fill the whole page, but few of them are; Simone Le, Rick Day, Tim Ricks, Jenn Hoffman, Ethan James, Kevin McDermott, Hasson Harris, Murray, Luis Rafael.....I can do this all day.
B: You have great taste! I say this because you picked some of my favorites. Ethan James is a great guy and I could definitely see him bringing out a different side of you. It’s interesting that you chose quite a few photographers who are known for their emphasis on the male form. Speaking of which, your body has changed, and this is visually apparent when looking through your port. Did you start working out more as you delved deeper into modeling?
LL: Yes, after working with AJR and learning more about modeling I started to work out more and getting serious about my body. I would like to be more muscular, but I'm still working on it.
B: I have always felt that male images do not have to be about the super physique and that there is a place for a variety of body types within the marketplace. You are very toned, but not overdone in any way. How has this affected your opportunities? Do you find that photographers like you the way you are, or is there pressure to become more buff?
LL: There’s always pressure about looking good in front of the camera. Some photographers appreciate the way my body looks and want to work with me, others don’t. I would personally like to be more buff, because I appreciate fit bodies so much.
B: I have to say this because I feel it is important not to create insecurities within someone who may read this and feel that they have to buff up to be fit or attractive. For one, you are fit, and your body is amazing. My second point is that muscles are not an indication of health, just hard work or some form of enhancement. OK, I’ve said it, so we can move on. LOL
You've become more uninhibited in your port, with edgier photos and less clothing. You look fantastic in your underwear, but have you, or would you ever consider posing nude?
LL: I haven’t yet, but I might one day if the time is right. It all depends on what type of nude, the photographer and the job.
B: What types of nude images are you open to and where do you draw the line? For example, would you do full frontal nudity?
LL: I would never do any full frontal nudity. Maybe some artistic nudes as long as there is no skin showing. But like I said, I would do it when the time is right. I have no desire to do nudes right now.

B: I can practically hear the collective sigh from the readers. I’m sure you’re aware that almost every male model has been asked to pose nude, and many of them are hesitant, but still open to the idea, even if they prefer to wait awhile before doing so. Do you believe there is pressure for male models to disrobe?

LL: Yeah, I believe there’s a lot of pressure out there to do nudes. Everybody loves some skin. I believe it is sexier when there are no nudes because it gives the audience an imagination and a curiosity to see more. I say if you don’t want to do nudes, don’t do it.

B: I say the same thing, even though I shoot nudes. I just feel like it’s better to follow along your personal comfort zone rather than do something you may end up regretting. It’s a tricky topic because there are some photographers who will not shoot you unless you agree to pose nude, and that is their right. They are creating art that appeals to their own sensibilities. Incidentally, some of the photographers on your wish list have a high nudity factor in their work. Maybe you’ll be posing sooner than you think. LOL

Now, I generally do not like to talk about ethnicity in interviews, but there is no denying that minorities are still not represented as much as they should be. We now have ethnic photographers who seem to focus on their own ethnic groups, if not exclusively, then at least prominently. I am assuming that you are Hispanic. What is your background?

LL: Yes I am Hispanic and very proud of my heritage. I was born in California, my mom is Colombian and my dad is Mexican and Guatemalan.
B: That’s a nice mix, and you are the beautiful result. Do you find your heritage to be a hindrance in terms of getting offers?

LL: I don’t think so. Specially these days, it seems like everybody is loving the ethnic look.
B: I’m not sure if that is true, although I wish it were, but I totally see where the idea is coming from. Sadly, the ethnic look still requires separate classification when it comes to beauty. We have not fully learned to appreciate diversity.

And speaking of that, I love that there is diversity in your port, from the hobo series, to the shirtless in jeans physique photos, and your underwear shots. Is there a certain style that you are most comfortable with?

LL: I love all styles of modeling. But I have to say that I love doing action shots, they are really fun and creative.

B: I love the collage of you leaping, and you look great in those shots. You also have the ability to give the shy, boy-next-door kind of look, and then switch it up to the more intense look, like the one of you in the chair in black boxer briefs. Are these aspects of your personality or just something that the photographer was able to bring out in you?

LL: I am far from shy. I am very energetic and loud. I just listen to the photographer and try to bring what their vision is.

B: If you could create any type of image, without concern for budget, what type of photo would you like to see of yourself?

LL: I always wanted to do something crazy in the middle of a big city like New York, having a bunch of pedestrians walking and me in the middle of the crowd doing something creative. I think that would be something fun and interesting.

B: Do you have a favorite of all the images you've done?

LL: I love all my images. I have been very blessed to work with great photographers. My favorite shot changes all the time, but right now I’m really loving one of my latest shots by Scott Hoover. I just can’t believe that's me! LOL

B: I love that one also. The black and white really brings out the mood in that photograph, and you look incredibly sexy.

What is the best advice you could give to someone who was interested in becoming a model?

LL: Go for it, don’t give up and listen to all the advice you get.

B: If I were to ask you what the one thing you feel is most appealing about you as a model is, what would you say?

LL: I would hate to say my eyes. That’s the first thing I look at in a picture. Eye connection is a big part of modeling.

B: Definitely. When people look at my portfolio regardless of the type of image, be it a portrait, a classic nude, a lifestyle shot or erotic, the first thing they comment on is the eyes. I’ve been told that I have a unique way of capturing them and that I do it well. Your eye connection with the camera is one of the reasons why that photo of you by Scott Hoover is so beautiful. You have this intense gaze that just goes right through the viewer.

Obviously this business is about photos, which means that physicality or beauty does play a large role. What is beautiful and sexy in your view?

LL: Personality is beautiful and sexy, sense of humor, intelligence, physique and confidence.

B: Can you tell me one thing about Luis that even people who are close to you would be surprised to know?

LL: I’m obsessed with James Dean.
B: You and a million other people. LOL I am amazed that you haven’t shared this with anyone!
I always ask this next question because it illuminates the fun side of each of my subjects, so what are 5 fun facts about Luis?

1. I love music, i listen to my iPod everyday.
2. Little Debbies oatmeal cookies are my weakness.
3. I’m very energetic, always moving ready to do something.
4. I dance a lol. I cant stop dancing all day, even at home and on the streets.
5. I’m a huge joker, always joking around and being goofy.

B: Can you tell me what projects are coming up for you? What's next for Luis?

LL: Lots of projects. I just moved to Los Angeles this summer. I used to live in Orlando and now I’m living the Hollywood life, trying to make a living. A couple of photo shoots are coming up, traveling around the world, learning more about modeling, more dancing, more acting, and just following my dreams and keeping it positive.

B: I used to live in L.A. many moons ago. It is definitely a land of opportunity and I wish you the very best! Any last words?

LL: "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today"- James Dean
Thanks for the interview, I appreciate it!

©2009 Sean Dibble

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AJR Imaging & Consulting

David Newkirk Photography

Scott Hoover

Jeffrey Rich

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