Sunday, October 4, 2009

P H O T O - The Art of Making Art Pt. 3

S T E V E N D. H I L L
Sight is the primary sense with which we used to navigate and understand the world around us. It is also a sense that we take for granted, unable to understand what it must be like for those who do not have the luxery of using their eyes. Our vision has the power to create thought, provoke reaction, and even cause arousal, and it is responsible for our initial judgement of all that is around us, be it the places we see or the people that we come in contact with. When it comes to the visual art forms, our eyes are more than just the faculty for one of our senses - they become our guide.

Painting and photography rely on sight to be fully appreciated, and it would be a safe guess to say that every person on earth has come across an image that has stuck in their mind, no matter what the context. Something about what we saw caused a stir within our brains, leading to a chemical reaction that could be positive or negative. Images of beauty or creative wonder can elict the same passionate responses, though in a good way, that depictions of violence and hate can inflame on the negative scale. Our attention is captured and we are unable to look away for a period of time, unknowingly imprinting the image in our conscience so that we can carry it with us long after we have left the source.

The first time I saw a photograph by Steven D. Hill, I had one of those reactions. Other photographers had photographed beauty, and other make-up artists had expressed the full extent of their creativity on a face, so his work should have, in theory, not been new or different. And that is what caught me off guard. Others had done it, but not in THIS way. Others had imagined it, but did not present it in this format. Others had envisioned it, but their methods of bringing an idea to life did not fall into the same category. It was in the details, his own personal stamp, that Steven was able to create something new from a timeless concept.

The selection of images featured in this issue do not even begin to tap the vast catalogue he has amassed, nor do they show his incredible range as an artist. In addition to photographing people, he is also a highly skilled product photographer, and some of the best examples of his work can be found on his website. And from there, it is possible to take an amazing journey through the mind of a true artist who is constantly evolving.

Steven D. Hill, is the BLISS pick for ones to watch.

©2009 Sean Dibble

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