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Guy Tang gets around. From lens to lens, that is. With his sculpted physique and incredible bone structure, he is an easy favorite for such reknowned photographers as Don Pollard, Rick Day and Justin Monroe. He doesn't just shoot images, Guy is usually the star of a series, two of which are featured here.

I first noticed him about 9 months ago, and began to keep regular tabs on the addiitions to his portfolio, constantly awed by how easily he is able to fully captivate the lens. He knows his body well, and poses in manner that shows his physique at it's finest. He is at once charming and sensual, classic and avant garde.

The modeling industry has, in some ways, opened it's eyes to the appeal of ethnic models, and we are seeing more black, Hispanic and other ethnicities, but Asian males are still sorely underrepresented. In my mind, it is almost comical that anything falling outside of the usual Caucasian pack is considered a niche market, but people are comfortable with the familiar. And Guy Tang is here to challenge that notion.


BLISS: How did you get your start in modeling? Was this something you always wanted to do?

GUY TANG: Wow, well I started doing photography first and shot Jeremy Tang and Peter Le and got connected with amazing people in my life and thats how it all started. I have their images on my MySpace as my hair and fashion portfolio. And then I got my body in shape.

B: There is not a great deal of visibility when it comes to Asian models. What is your viewpoint on this?
GT: Well ,as we all know, I cant stand Asian men stereotypes in the media. I hate them and the stereotypes can kiss my Asian ASS!!! Thats why I am doing everything in my power to dispel these desexualizing stereotypes....whether I am the photographer or model, I use fashion and sex to push the boundaries.

B: Did you think your ethnicity would be a barrier to succeeding within the industry?
GT: Of course I did. I knew stepping in to this would be hard but if I am gonna make it, I have to have a purpose. Its not about being famous, but its about sending out the right message and to showcase the Asian male beauty to the fullest.

B: I have always admired your work, and you've been fortunate to have shot with some of the most prominant photographers working today. Do you remember what your first photo shoot was like?
GT: Of course I do. I love all my experiences with all my photographers. They are all very different and unique.

B: The first image I ever saw of you, that brought you to my attention was the one of you in the window taken by Justin Monroe. What was your experience with him like?
GT: I love JustinMonroe. He crosses the boundaries and pushes the sexual envelope. He is artistic and creative and surreal.. he is a lot like me in many ways.

B: One of my favorite series is Guy and Dolls that you did with Don Pollard. How did this come about?

GT: I am a hairstylist, so we came up with a campy concept that is extreme, original and really ME.I love shooting videos with Don.

B: When shooting a story such as that one, are the shots mapped out or do you just get into character and let the poses flow from that?
GT: They are both mapped out but we go with the flow. I get into character fast... and it’s easy for me to follow the light since I am a photographer myself.

B: I'm a huge fan of other photographer's works, and you have been shot by some of the people that inspire me. I'm going to mention a few and have you give your thoughts on each one.
a) Luis Rafael
b) Gary Xu
c) Rick Day
d) Carlos Arias
e) Maya Guez
f) Andreas Delrosi
GT: I had fun with Luis, he truly welcomed me to Miami. Gary is one of my good friends now. Rick was so much fun, he is fast. Carlos was unique. Maya is one of my favorites, she is such a perfectionist. Andreas is full of fun.

B: I already mentioned Justin Monroe and Don Pollard, but can you tell us more about Don first? You seem to have been one of his muses.

GT: He is my best friend, manager, photographer, videographer and web designer.

B: Your website is fantastic and I knew that Don designed it. Did you work on the layout together?
GT: I let Don flow with his juices, and I love what he does.

B: You've coined your own word, which I believe is the name of your production side - DestinAsian. I love that and found it to be very clever. You even have photos where you are wearing two belt buckles, one that says Destin and the other Asian. How did you come up with that, and what does it mean to you?
GT: DestinAsian is my concept and philosophy. it became my alter ego.....its about my journey to find myself as an Asian-American and help empower younger Asian -Americans to find confidence in themselves and their sexuality, its about breaking negative and degrading stereotypes that regards Asian men.

B: You have incredible bone structure and an absolutely amazing physique. How often do you work out?
GT: Wow. I workout 6 times a week.

B: Do you have a trainer?
GT: Nope but I thought about becoming a personal trainer soon.

B: Physicality can be very important in male imagery. Has your body created more opportunities for you?
GT: Of course but I earned everything I worked for...having body is not easy. Its time at the gym and eating habits must change, and protein intakes are different, and cardio training is a must.

B: What the viewer sees is often at odds with how the model perceives himself. Is there a physical aspect that you wish you could change about yourself?

GT: I would change a few things, but who wouldn’t?

B: It would be impossible to talk about you physically without mentioning your behind. There's no denying that you have an incredible ass, and photographers seemed to love showing it off. Have you always had this or did it develope later?
GT: Well. I used to be heavy so when I lost weight to gain muscle, my body did its own thing and doing squats help build the booty.

B: The rear views show that you are comfortable with showing some skin, and you have done quite a few implied nudes, but I've only seen one photo that reveals any full frontal. How do you feel about nudity in general? Would you ever pose full frontal?
GT: We will feature them on my website ( when the time is right.

B: Justin Monroe is known for creating these otherworld settings, but he is also known for the overt sexuality in his images. Have you, or would you ever consider posing in a more graphic sense, such as with a visible erection?
GT: Done it already and you may see them soon.

B: There are countless underwear shots out there in various portfolios, and some models will agree to a print of a visible erection beneath their briefs of boxers. Have you ever been asked to do this?
GT: Sure, it depends on the theme and what photographer.

B: Have you ever had a bad experience at a photoshoot, such as a photographer crossing the lines? Obviously, you don't have to name names.
GT: Never. Every experience has been learning and growing opportunity.

B: What is the one thing you feel is missing from the idustry as a whole, as it pertains to you?
GT:  Asian men. We need more heroic and studly men in films and media images.

B: People who admire your photos may not realize that you are also a hair stylist. How long have you been doing hair?
GT: Over 5 years. I am an amazing hair designer.

B: In addition, you've also been a go go dancer? What was that like?

GT: I am still a go-go dancer and I love it. Its fun and why not, I do it for fun and to promote my website,

B: Has acting ever been an aspiration for you?
GT: Of course.  I would love to.

B: Are there any other models whose work inspires you or that you identify with?
GT: I love Peter Le, and Jeremy Tang.

B: When I see certain photoshoots, I often find myself thiking I should try a certain technique or style. Is there any particular image that you've wanted to create but have yet to achieve?
GT: I would love to do a grotesque zombie or vampire theme.

B: What 3 things do you hold most dear?
GT: Music, passion, and life. Music sets me free lyrically (Mariah Carey). Passion is what keeps me going and life is for us to enjoy, so I Live it!!!

B: Can you tell me 5 fun facts about Guy that even people who know you might be surprised to know?
GT: I am passionate, loving, and confident, I enjoy life and I love to laugh.

B: I appreciate your time. Any last words?
GT: Check out my website (
I love all my FANS, you guys keep me going, and I will keep doing what I can.

©2009 Sean Dibble

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Photo Credits:
photo: Andreas Delrosi
makeup: Makeup By Mat
photo: Justin Monroe
photo: Rick Day
photo: Don Pollard Photography


  1. Great interview with Guy. He is such an AMAZING talent!

  2. He does have a great body - but he is f___ed up in the head. Soooooo full of himself and psychotic.

  3. So true! I met him in LA. Fuckable ass and fucking hot body but his cocky attitude turns me off. He had a old man hanging around him the entire time taking pictures. It was freaky weird.

  4. I don't know Guy personally, but when contacted to do this interview, in the early stages of BLISS, when it had no credibility, he was completely wonderful and very accommodating. My communication with him regarding this feature and on Facebook was always exceptionally pleasant.

  5. As for those who love to post as anonymous- really? REALLY? Grow up and grow a pair. Guy is not full of himself. Where in the heck do u get that? We hang out and do dinner sometimes NOT at a club but as normal people,...Psychotic? Really? The comments lead me to realize that some of you are just so jealous of him, crazy jealous! I actually get hate mail about Guy directed to me from Anonymous sources on my Real Estate website,........and these people think Guy is crazy? HAHAHA! You haters who write absolute bs,...then stalk Guy's friends to send unmarked letters to tell a friend how messed up they are for liking Guy Tang when YOU guys are the ones running around to various websites using fake names and false identies to do God knows what on other websites. I still get fits of laughter reading the hate mail,'s like a few little boys with a tiny penis and a body AND personality that is so ugly even the Dr slapped your momma when you were born,... Crawl up on their potty trainer and scribble out humerous hate letters to anyone who has a connection or friendship with Guy Tang. I know this is late in response but I just went over a pile of old hate mail and then looked up some Guy Tang posts and there they are again. Oh,...the professional photographer and manager who shoots Guy at events, just that. My gawd,'s as if you never knew a model actually has managers and professional photographers who help keep media fresh and current.


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