Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review of BLISS MALE MAG on GayDemon Blog lists

BLISS Male Mag is the product primarily of rSEANd, a photographer of some serious talent and accomplishment who has set up this magazine as well as his own website rSEANd Photography in what he calls an effort to "take his work a bit more seriously". Well, he has certainly made some awesome strides. Likable, talented and a fabulous wordsmith and interviewer, Sean provides in depth interviews with friends, models and photographers inside the industry, all of whom open up to this obviously sincere guy who just as obviously lives through his camera. It's interesting seeing model life through the lens of the camera's handler, actually. So often the medium of every event, camera people are used to dominating a scene yet not being recognized for what is behind all the flashy pictures, art and publicity of their subjects. BLISS is a trippy magazine, well worth going through. The photographs are by many of the world's premiere fashion shooters as well as those by Sean himself and they really do represent the state of modern model photography - with specific interest in the male subjects. Even further emphasis covers gay males and even those involved in the acting and modeling we typically call porn. This is a breezy magazine, quick and easily-digestible and lovely on the eyes. Great stuff here.

*It is an honor to be recognized and I am very grateful.

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