Monday, April 26, 2010


BLISS: When did you first get interested in photography?

JOSEPH SMILEUSKE: I've always had this fascination with pictures. As a kid I would collect pictures of my favorite celebrities and as a teen I remember looking through Vogue, GQ & fitness magazines and thinking that the people (models) and images were so beautiful & stylish. But the actual taking pictures came about when I would take pictures of friends and later play with them using photoshop, this is when I thought to myself I'd like to really to take this (photography) more seriously so I went out and bought a camera to take good quality images, took a courses on how to use the camera, saved up to buy lighting equipment & even took a lighting course.

B: Do you remember when you got your first camera?

JS: My first camera I got as a Christmas gift from my uncle, I believe I was 15 at the time.

B: When did you start photographing men?

JS: My very first shoot with a male model was summer of 2007 with Roman, who was someone I knew through work. I liked his look and build so I asked if he'd be interested in letting me take his pictures and he agreed. May favorite picture from that first shoot....

B: Your models have incredible bodies. How important is the physique in your images?

JS: Since my dream job would be to shoot for male fitness magazine one day, I think it's important that the models are in great shape.

B: What was your most memorable photo shoot?

JS: Most memorable would be a shoot I went on with a friend of mine, Olan (who was the make-up artist & art director for this shoot). This was the very first actual professional shoot that I got the oppritunity to watch from the side and see a team of people create beautiful images. Also, Olan allowed me to take pictures so it was interesting, challenging & a lot fun that day. I also had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Mellissa Baker...

B: All of your models are fantastic, but I confess that I have three favorites; Carlito P, Felipe and Marcelo. (*I have added LONDON J to the list since doing this interview) I've always been drawn to the dark hair, olive/brown skin types. Do you have any favorites amongst your models? If so, who? Why?

JS: Well we have the same type :-) Dark hair masculine musclar type. I can't really say I have a favorite of the all the models I've worked with because of their looks but I'd have to Gio is a fun and creative model I've worked with many times. He can definitely come up with some sexy concepts & poses as true model should.
Xavier was amazing to work with. It was a dream to combine 2 of my favorite people into one shot....Farrah Fawcett & a Bodybuilder.I think Xavier made these images incredibly sexy.....

B: Where do you find most of your models? Are there any physical requirements to shoot with you?

JS: I've searched for models on, and even Myspace ect. It's all about networking.

B: What other photographers do you admire and why? Can you describe their style?

JS: Jim French is a photographer I thought who did beautiful work, he is definitely someone that has inspired my work as a photographer. He has photographed beautiful masculine muscle men and I've always thought his work is absolutely gorgeous & classy.

B: Do have a particular favorite of all the photos you've shot? If so, why?

JS: I Would have to say it would be the Jonathan Breeze milk shot. This shot being the last idea in this shoot I felt came out amazing thanks to Jonathan with his handsome boyish looks amazing physique & adorbale smile, made pouring milk on himself look sexy......

B: Are you planning to put out a coffee table book?

JS: No plans as of yet, but one day I'd love to.
©2010 - Sean Dibble
Model Credits:
model: Melissa Baker
make up: TOlan
model: Jonathan Breeze

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