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BLISS: I figured we could get right to the point and ask about two of your incredible assets: your butt and your penis. Are these the things that most people focus on in your images?

GIO: Lot of people makes comments about my butt and penis but they said what really intrigues them are my eyes.

B: I never ask this, but you are so large that I feel compelled. Do you know how big your cock is? Have you ever measured?
G: Yes I have. It is 9 and ½ real inches.

B: It could easily get lost when compared to what we were just taking about, but you also have the most beautiful eyes. How come photographers have not focused on this aspect?
G: Yes they do all of the time, maybe you are the one who has not.... laugh out loud!!

B: If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?
G: My calves, I would like to have them bigger.

B: What do you consider to be your favorite physical feature?
G: My eyes for sure, their color, shape and the mystery behind them.

It says a great deal about an individual with a 9 and ½ inch penis who mentions his eyes as his best feature! And Gio is correct when he says that I may be the one who focused more on his other, ahem, attributes, which is unusual considering my focus always goes to the eyes of my own photo subjects. But there is more to it, in this instance, because he is such a stunning image of masculinity, endowment aside, that it is difficult not to get caught up in the his physicality.

In the animal kingdom, it is usually the male of the species that is adorned with color and beauty, most notably in the bird world, and he uses these physical gifts to attract a mate. In the human animal, the reverse has always been the standard, with men seeking beautiful woman as their mates, their sexual companions, or as the perfect accessory to prove power and success. It has been scientifically proven through various studies and experiments that women are attracted by the lure of financial security, and will choose a partner based on his ability to provide more so than his looks. The world of entertainment provides countless examples of unattractive, yet successful men with beautiful women on their arms. And then came the women’s liberation movement and the sexual revolution, and the female slowly became the pursuer, no longer waiting for the man to make the first move or telephone call, and this twist on traditional roles has cast the male in the role of being the object of beauty.

And men have an advantage in this area.

Women can unfairly be seen as reaching their prime at a relatively young age, while the process of getting older appears to only enhance a man’s appeal. Gio is thirty, and those three decades have only served to increase his appeal. Twinks, as the young guys are called, fall into a niche market, and while their beauty is undeniable, it is difficult to view them as anything more than boys. When you look at Gio, you see a man. A beautiful, rugged, masculine MAN, and his appeal could be universal, free of any niche labeling. And he seems to revel in his maleness, displaying his body the way it was intended, free of the razor.

B: In an industry full of shaved physiques, you stand out for being hairy and incredibly masculine. Have you ever considered shaving your body hair?
G: I had before, but felt something was missing, so I let it grow out again.

B: You are currently 30. At what age did you get into modeling and how did you get your start?
G: I started when I was 17, always on and off. I got involved by going with my sister to a casting test for a modeling contest and they asked me if I would like to be in the contest for male model competition, which I won.

B: What was your first photo shoot like?
G: A little scary but deep down, I was loving it.

His enthusiasm for posing is obvious in his photos, and Gio brings both heat and intensity to his images, along with a sense of confidence that shines through each shot. What he doesn’t bring is any shyness about his body, and his portfolios are packed with photos where he is wearing nothing but his furry birthday suit, or a minimum of clothing. He is very candid about his decision to pose nude, just as he is about everything else, but I did manage to find one question that he declined to go into detail about.

B: Did you always shoot nudes or is this a decision you made later?
G: It was something I did later.

B: Do you think your willingness to pose nude is part of your appeal to photographers?
G: I hope so......

B: With your looks, your inhibition and the size of your manhood, I would assume you have been offered roles in porn. Is this something that you would be open to?
G: I am open to do so but not at this moment.

B: There are some that would argue that some of your shots are already pornographic. Do you agree with this, or would you say it is more artistic?
G: Yes I do agree, but they can be appreciated in an artistic way as well.

B: Have you, or would you ever pose fully erect? And if so, when do we get to see the photos?
G: Yes I have posed fully erect. I will send you some very soon.

B: Do you have a favorite photographer that you've worked with so far?
G: Yes I have. His name is Joseph Smileuske.

B: Has a photographer ever crossed the line during a shoot? If so, how do you handle the situation?
G: No they have not. I am always focused on my work.

B: How much input do you have in the creation of your images?
G: A lot. I like to be part of the creation in every way.

B: What ideas would you like to bring to life that you have yet to do in a photo?
G: At an Air force Base.

B: Do you ever look at other model's portfolios for inspiration? If so, who are the models that you admire?
G: They will be a lot of them. I find their work in coffee table books or magazines.

B: All the images I've seen of you are solo shots. Do you have any plans to shoot in duos or groups?
G: Sure, I had done some with my boyfriend and my brother as well.

B: You play a variety of characters in your photos. What is the wildest thing you've been asked to do in a photo shoot?
G: To make out with my boyfriend.

B: Your images have so much sexual energy. Are you as sexual in your private life?
G: Yes very much!!!!!

B: Are you a one on one type of guy or do you enjoy group scenes when it comes to sex?
G: I prefer one on one but I have done both.

B: What is the wildest thing you've ever done sexually?
G: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep......

Well, I can’t always get the answers I want.

Gio is an amazing model, is blessed with physical beauty, has the courage to reveal all in words and images, and has a warm, friendly and generous personality. It would be easy for someone to lose themselves and become self absorbed when the personal blessings flow so freely, but he remains pure of heart and thankful for all that he is. And he has a plan regarding where he hopes to be headed in the future, and who he wants at this side.

B: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
G: Own my own place in NY city, healthy, support other people's dreams, involved on films and still with my partner, who I love.

B: Thanks so much for taking the time to be a part of BLISS. Any last words for your fans
G: Thank you for being part of my journey and a pleasure to be part of yours.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say this: The pleasure was all mine.

©2010 Sean Dibble

photo: Capture Thiss

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