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24/7 - TV-MA (This program is not intended for viewers under the age of 18. Parental Discretion is advised)

The television landscape is littered with reality programs, but the truth is that it is a manufactured reality. The drama, suspense, intrigue and comedy that used to populate our viewing choices has been replaced by a succession of largely untalented, crass fame seekers who have no issues with airing their dirty laundry to the world in exchange for the notoriety that lends itself more to infamy rather than any true star power. We have become a nation of voyeurs who take pleasure in the pitfalls of other average people, secretly enjoying the fact that their lives are more fucked up than our own, and laughing at the stupidity that they display with thoughtless abandon. It is simple escapism when we have no desire to feel any true emotions or be forced into deep thoughts about what we are seeing.

Out of the ashes of lost creativity comes a man who understands our voyeuristic fantasies, and is not afraid to take those thoughts that we hide for politically correct reasons and display them in a direct and uncompromising manner, making it difficult for us to turn our heads. His work features all the elements that can only be found on late night cable stations that don’t worry about network censorship. His name is Desi Arnaz and he is the heart and sole of The ZEDNERAM Show.

One of the key components necessary to being successful in any field of the arts is the ability to understand both sides, both as the creator and the viewer. If your vision only works for you than you run the risk of alienating your audience and this can prove twice as daunting when exploring the more risqué side of life. Desi is well aware of what it is like to be the object on display, as well as the creator of the object itself. Outside of the world of entertainment, he would be referred to as a jack of all trades, while in the realm of the arts he is what is known as multi talented. His resume dips into many different fields. He is a dancer, a recording artist, a professional choreographer, a model and a photographer. His work in the world of dance includes commercials, stage productions, award shows and videos. He has worked with such luminaries in the world of choreography such as Cynthia Quintela, Barry Lather, and Wade Robson, and their collective associations include The Academy Awards, Alvin Ailey, The American Dance Theater, Britney Spears, NSYNC, Janet and Michael Jackson. If you’re going to keep any company, this is an impressive list.

In the world of photography, we are finally becoming more accustomed to seeing men as sex objects, posed in provocative manners with varying degrees of exposed flesh. The game of catch-up still exists in terms of what is acceptable (or considered art) when it comes to female versus male nudity, but Zedneram refuses to bow to such convention. Instead of worrying about how an image will be received, he has ventured into the taboo arena and placed men in poses that had previously been reserved for female models. As a result, we have a Zedneram staple and unofficial trademark: the male beaver shot.

There are numerous adjectives that could be used to describe a Zedneram image, depending on which side of the cultural debate you are standing. Those of us who are enlightened roll our eyes when some of his work is dismissed as pornographic, for we know that what he has given us is bold, daring, sensual, erotic, emotional, thought provoking, original and honest. He has pulled the blinds up and allowed us to peek into the window, secretly watching as his models tap into the deepest parts of their personalities and reveal the most basic and primitive emotions including joy, anger, and of course lust. The poses and expressions reek of freedom, and the models portray a sense of liberation not usually seen in the male pin up field.

Another aspect that is missing from the field of male imagery is diversity. The beauties represented come in all sizes, shapes and hair colors, but the vast majority of them conform to the same general set of features and skin tones. Zedneram has chosen not to limit the type of model represented in his portfolio. He champions people of color, but maintains that others need to realize that this phrase is all encompassing and not limited to what we see on a employment application, such as white, black, Asian or Hispanic. In fact, when you take the world as a whole, people of color represent the majority, and yet the presentation of them in fine art photography constitutes a separate genre or categorization.  Not so in Desi’s world. He has a strict code of non discrimination when it comes to his models, and this transcends into a certain type of look as well. So you don’t fit the standard physical mode of what people envision when they think of models? No problem. You can still find a spot in front of the Zedneram lens, and the results of the shoot may even make a believer out of those who would question choosing a certain model.

That’s the great thing about life, especially when it involves the Zedneram man…variety. We all don’t have to eat the same thing everyday, go to the same places, listen to the same music, have the same hobbies, follow the same religions, believe the same principles, have the same sexual orientation, aspire to the same goals, share the same style or be a carbon copy of what some standardized notion tells us we should be. Each of us can be an individual, even if our surroundings or doctrines only allow this to be possible within our hearts and minds. Every one of us is the star of our own reality programs, and The ZEDNERAM Show exists to showcase those unique differences.

And to make sure that our assess look hot.

©2010 – Sean Dibble

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