Friday, December 31, 2010


Art is subjective and the beauty of it is supported by a foundation of bravery on the part of its creator. The process of allowing ideas that spring forth from creative minds to become works that can be viewed by others means that the artist must open himself up to the possibility of criticism. Or worse…dislike and indifference towards the finished product.

It is easy to understand why creative people are often times insecure and sensitive. What is created is a tangible element of something internal and personal.  It has been referred to as a bearing of the soul, and appreciation is not a universal given. Just as there are many different types of artists, there are also many different types of art, as well as the many arguments over what should or should not be considered artistic.

The act of taking an idea and creating something is very common, but to allow yourself to become the art, rather than just the artist is not as prevalent. There are some noted photographers who have produced some spectacular, and even shocking self portraits, and Michael Hinkle can be included in this esteemed list. He poses nude in many of his photos, in essence revealing himself twice, as he becomes the very art he is creating.

For the first time, Michael tells his story, in his own words for the readers of BLISS about his life, his dreams and his work, while sharing a few of his creations alongside his modeling images. Welcome inside his world where art equals life.

©2010 – Sean Dibble

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