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BLISS: You were born in Cuba but raised in Miami. When did you first come to the United States?
RALFY LORDS: Yes, I came to the United States when I was 9 years old.

B: Did you speak English before you came or learn the language here?
RL: No, I didn’t know anything. I learned here with the help of my teachers and some friends, and a lot of TV lol.

B: I have quite a few Latino friends here in the DC area, and many have told me that there’s a definite advantage to living in a city with a high Latino population. It made the transition much easier for them. Miami also has a large number of Spanish speaking residents. Is this an advantage for you as well?
RL: To tell you the truth since I was raised here most of my life it doesn’t make any differences for me. I get along the same way if you’re Latino or other race. And I think is much better to be surrounded by people from here better because you learn faster everything.

B: I asked about your heritage because I don’t believe Latinos, like other minorities, are as visible within the industry as they should be, especially when you consider the growing market. I may have to excuse the market in Miami, but in general do you feel as if there is enough representation within modeling?
RL: Well I think we do represent a lot of high fashion modeling companies... now more than ever. I’ve seen a lot of Hispanic models in the front of magazines. I think its all equal.

B: You joined Model Mayhem on August 31, 2010, so you’re relatively new to the industry. Did you always want to be a model?
RL: Yeah I am... Since I was 15 I used to take pictures in my pool or room and always posing lol.

B: On your profile you write “I know I’m really short and I can’t really be a model”. How tall are you exactly?
RL: I’m 5’1”. My dream is to be a runway model I love to do runway. But I know the qualifications and all that... but I’m ok for now doing print and commercial.

B: Obviously, runway work is out, but there are so many other avenues for models to take, such as print work or commercials. What type of modeling do you want to do?
RL: I’m looking forward to try everything, I love the attention, and to be representing something.

B: Do you remember what your first shoot was like?
RL: Yes I do... It was in the back of a building and I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do... but then after 30 minutes I got comfortable and I got a nice shoot.

B: You’ve shot with a few photographers already. What was the most difficult or challenging photo shoot you involved in and what made it so?
RL: I think my first nude shoot. I just couldn’t get hard and didn’t know what to do lol... but did a great job.

B: What did you learn from that experience?
RL: Just to feel comfortable with your body and yourself, and very confident.
B: What was the best photo shoot you were involved in and what lessons did you get from it?
RL: I think it was the last one I had with GR Pro Photos. We just had an amazing chemistry and the pictures came out amazing. I was rocking that shoot.

B: I noticed, from your port, that you don’t shy away from nude images. Do you enjoy posing nude?
RL: Yes now that I have experience doing nudes I love it. It’s a nice sensual feeling.

B: Making a decision to pose nude comes easily to some models, while others struggle with the decision, or just flat out refuse. When did you decide that you were willing to pose nude and what prompted that decision?
RL: I was thinking about it for couple days, and then I thought about it and I was like I would like to have nude pics of me so when I get old I can see them and remember how hot I am lol

B: To add to your boldness, you even posed with an erection. Are you interested in erotic images?
RL: Yes, I've been thinking about it. But not sure yet.

B: Do you think there is a double standard when it comes to men posing nude compared to females? If so, why?
RL: To be honest I think we are on the same levels.

B: You have a beautiful, natural physique, which I love, and despite the height issue, you are very well proportioned. Do you work out to maintain your natural musculature?
RL: I dance for clubs here in Miami sometimes. So I think that’s what helps me a lot. Because I hate working out lol

B: Can you name a few of the photographers that you would love to work with and what it is about their images that capture your attention?
RL: Yes I would love to work with Jorge Freire and Joel*, they are so creative and clean with the pictures I love it.
(* Joel Edemano, who he has now worked with.)

B: What about concepts…what type of image have you always wanted to try?
RL: I’m dying to do some dirty looks. I'm tired of the good boy look lol

B: In terms of height, I actually like the appeal of models that are not as tall. Do you believe that there are any advantages to it in terms of posing?
RL: I’m not sure about it. I think it depends on the person.

B: What impact would you like to have within the industry and how do you think you can achieve this?
RL: I would like to make a change in the model industry so more people like me push themselves to archive their goals.

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