Saturday, December 11, 2010


One of the biggest issues that men deal with on a personal level is the question of size. And in many cases, the verdict is obvious: size matters. It matters to them as individuals, it matters to the people they are attracted to and it matters in the modeling industry.

When it comes to height (what did you think I was referring to?), the perception is that most models are tall, and in some areas this is prerequisite, such as runway, but in other avenues such as print, commercial, physique, fine art or erotic, males are often on the shorter side of the measuring tape. And what they lack in stature can easily be made up for in sex appeal and beautiful features.

We have all heard the expression of desire towards a tall, dark and handsome specimen of manhood but the reality is that the average height of the American male is 5’10”. Globally the figure falls between 5’7” to 5’8” so it would seem that guys of smaller stature are in the majority.

There is something undeniably sexy about smaller men, be it the cuddly approachability of the average built ones or the impressive bulk of those on the muscular side. I have always been drawn to those of average height, possibly because I fit into that category, but also because there is a neat and compact quality to their beauty. And it would seem as if height has no bearing on attributes in the lower region. Many of the well hung gay porn stars are actually on the short side, and this lack of height makes certain things look even more impressive.

And speaking of nudity, Cuban born Ralfy Lords is certainly no stranger to it and displays his body with full confidence. He combines all of the qualities that make smaller guys so appealing with his beautiful small, sexy smirk and nicely proportioned physique. He is still rather new to the modeling field but has already worked with some impressive photographers. And the offers from others keep coming, including from me. It’s holiday time, and Ralfy is the perfect gift to find under your tree.

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