Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In this age of Photoshop we have grown accustomed to images that hint at perfection in the models. Smooth bodies without any scars, faces without blemishes...or pores in many cases. Ab definition can be highlighted, eye color enhanced, endowment increased, skin tone adjusted, weight reduced, height increased, shape redefined and locations manipulated or added. Our eye is no longer a reliable source of information because what we see may not be rooted in reality.

There are many debates on the subject of photoshopping, both pro and con, but the answer should be rooted in what the viewer finds appealing. After all, art is subjective and is not always meant to document a specific truth. But putting that truth on display is what makes the images by Photofreedom so interesting to look at.

In the current age of digital possibility, it is bold to present models in a natural state, imperfections and all. Photofreedom revels in this type of boldness and the men he shoots are on display as is, even if that means a few pimples. This approach is refreshing and somewhat voyeuristic, as if we are catching a glimpse of these men in a moment that may or may not have been meant for sharing. This adds to the erotic appeal and builds on the sense of intimacy in his work.

Included here is a selection of his images. I hope to see much more in the future.

©2011 - Sean Dibble


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