Monday, March 28, 2011


There is a certain stigma that is attached to nude male modeling. And it could be argued that there is a lack of ethnic representation in the mainstream. So what do you get when you take a beautiful male Latino who is interested in both male modeling and being photographed in the nude? The answer is Marco, or as he is known in the modeling word, Oocelot.

Marco’s looks are not those of the typical pretty boy, nor are they those of the ultra bulked up bodybuilder that is often seen in artistic nudes. He looks like a man, as in one that we would be happy to find standing next to us in a bar, at the beach, or any other location that might lend itself to a casual hello with the hopes of something more. He is handsome, has a beautiful physique and yet there is that certain extra something that makes him appear approachable. This is someone that you could know, or at least feel you could get to know, without any hint of attitude or standoffishness. He is the type of man that many people would love to see represented more in male image photography because he is both sexy and relatable.

He is also a model that does not believe in limitations, which only adds to his overall charm.  His images reflect an undeniable openness to expose himself, and not just in the physical sense. He has been shot nude at the beach, naked on a public road, undressed in a library against a wall of books, lounging in a pool, and in various states of arousal. He will wear a suit or a speedo, a ball cap or a cock ring, glasses or a mask, and even just a necktie with no other garments. He will go for the subtle tease or the all out reveal, and seems as comfortable in some outdoor location as he is in the studio. He is the Latino everyman, and his looks and free spirit has been captured by some of the best male image photographers in the business, like Mark Henderson.

There are many models who feel comfortable showing all in a photo but not as free when it comes to opening up on a personal level. Marco is not one of them. He is frank, open, honest, funny, and above all, pleasant and very positive about not only his opportunities as a Latino model, but other’s as well. Looking at him has always been a joy, but getting to know a little bit more about him was just as exciting.

©2011 – Sean Dibble

photo: Christopher Hall

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