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It is almost impossible to put the images of XCESS STUDIO into a defined category. To pigeonhole it as an output of male erotic images is an easy assumption, but doing so would show only the viewer’s focus and not that of the artist. Yes, there are quite a few spectacular photos of males in various states of undress, including those that feature full on arousal, but there are also elements of athleticism, portraiture, fashion, editorial themes and standard headshots that any actor, model or other performer would be proud to display as part of their portfolios.

There are many artists who are well rounded and have the ability to excel within a variety of formats, but there are also those who are defined by a particular genre because it is the one that best showcases their talents.  XCESS STUDIO is among the first group and I view him as an amazing chronicler of the male model, in whatever form that may take. His images do not feel overly poised, even when the positioning may not be a standard one, and the expressions of his models, along with the comfort and confidence they display are a testament to an artist who takes his time understanding the person behind the picture. It is a distinction that can mark the difference between a good photo and a great photo.

One of the best things about interviewing fellow artists whose images I admire is discovering the work that goes into creating their art. Even more intriguing is learning how they view themselves within the context of their output. My introduction to XCESS was on a industry networking site that is heavily geared towards erotica and I was impressed by what I was seeing.  After viewing the XCESS STUDIO blog, I was introduced to a different type of work and realized that this was an artist who could think outside the box but not allow his photos to be confined to one.  He does not focus solely on it in his work, nor is he willing to let that be his definer within the context of an interview, which means that some of the questions were left unanswered.  He wants the viewers to look beyond the obvious and see the vastness of possibility when it comes to his work.

And so I did. And I am all the better for it.  Once I moved past the sensational aspects, I was able to concentrate on the richness of his photos, as well as the finer details like skin tone, lighting, seamless editing, angles, cropping and overall composition.  Even within the vastness of location shoots, his subjects remain the focal point and never disappear into their surroundings.  Here is an artist who understands how to please the viewer, but is in tune to making the model happy with the final results.  I would venture to guess that his own satisfaction with the photos he creates also figures prominently.

And that is never too much.

©2011 – Sean Dibble

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