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There is a facet of modeling that bends truth and transforms it into a form of fantasy. We look upon these individuals who have been gifted with a certain bone structure or attributes such as eyes and lips and imagine that what we see in a photograph will mirror what we would see in person. And every now and then, it does.

Lawrence Boudweau is merely illuminated by the camera, as his is a beauty that crosses over into the real world. His physique is as impressive when viewed in person, his sex appeal translates perfectly, and his face looks as if it has come alive from what can be viewed on a computer screen. He has an undeniable presence, strong and masculine, but these qualities sit alongside a sense of elegance. He is the thinking person’s sex symbol and yet he is able to turn that around and present himself as the man in our fantasies.

It is difficult to accurately define what is sexy. Lawrence has his own thoughts on the subject.

"Sexy is commanding the attention of an onlooker not only by what is seen with the eye but by being able to show all the other things that make you human, handsome, and hot as well without even saying a word."

In addition to his modeling, which includes being agency represented in New York at one time, Lawrence is an accomplished artist who branched off into a field not associated with the arts.

"I think the most exciting and unique thing about me is that I am totally not as I appear. I am really a very laid back person. I am very humble. I am educated in a lot of different things. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Voice, and a Master's in Music Education; most people are really shocked when they hear me sing Opera. Right now I am pursuing an RN because I really like to help people. These things seems really exciting to me and they are definitely unique, and for some reason totally shock people."


 I, for one, am not shocked, and can easily envision the continual growth both on the personal and professional fronts. Artist, humanitarian and model. Lawrence is truly a super man.

©2011 – Sean Dibble

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