Sunday, June 12, 2011

P A S S I O N of J A V I G I O V A N N I

Javi Giovanni is driven. He loves art, especially the creation of it, and that drive is fueled by an unmistakable passion. He is on a personal mission to explore the concept of being naked, but not merely in the sense of being nude. He wants to strip bare the perceptions of male imagery that define full frontal or eroticism as a dirty thing to be hidden away or dismissed. His photographs bare both body and soul of human emotion and desire, and he uses his imagination to present this in ways that evoke honest responses from those that view his work. The relationships as well as the level of trust he builds with his models is evident in the relaxed expressions and unforced poses, the camera lingering lovingly on their bodies and revealing intimate moments that do not feel staged. He is a silent observer, there to capture a fleeting moment through his lens and document it visually so that it can be shared.

One of Javi’s favorite photographers is Greg Gorman, who has made a career in the mainstream without compromising his own artistic vision. He even published a book called As I See It, which focused solely on one model and included images of masturbation, orgasm, the insertion of a dildo in ones own anus, and placed them in a layout that also included innocent candid shots and high fashion. This was a controversial decision considering Greg is a top commercial photographer with very high end clients, but he gave in to his own artistic vision and made published the work without worrying about the backlash.

Ultra Exposed is Javi’s vision, and he too has his share of commercial clients who might be surprised to discover that behind the standard wedding and portrait work lays a creative mind that likes to explore the nature of human sexuality. The visions, along with the post production work, are uniquely his and reveal a talent that has drawn inspiration from everything around it, and incorporated those elements, transforming them into something new. This is his calling. This is where love and ability combine. This is where the desire to bring life to an idea is born. And all of this is Javi’s passion.

©2011 – Sean Dibble

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