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BLISS:  I discovered you in Louis of TAKEURPICTURE’s port and I was immediately drawn to your look. What is your ethnic background, if you don’t mind me asking?

JOSEPH ALEXANDER:  My ethnic background is mixed with African American and Caucasian.  

B: You seem to take on characters in your sessions rather than just adhering to fashion. Is acting something that you are interested in?

JA: I am very much love with theater. I’m beginning to venture into acting, as it is something that I want to pursue as well. I love getting into characters and acting completely different with the different shoots and runway that I do.  

B:  As far as modeling goes, what is your primary interest?

JA: My primary interests are photo shoots. Any for that matter, making characters to portray or acting in a commercial shoot. I bring a new attitude and character to each that I go to, that way you never know what you’re getting, whether its fashion, stand in, commercial, or for portfolio usage. I am creative with each one. 

B: When did you first get interested in modeling and how did you get started?

JA: I got started a few years ago, when people kept telling me I should get into modeling and acting. I was interested in photography first and got interested in fashion, and one day just got in front of the camera instead of being behind the camera, and I loved it. 

B: Do you remember your first shoot? What was that experience like?

JA: My first shoot was actually taken by my father, when he briefly got interested in photography when my career was over and another beginning. I was just nervous how the photos would come out and whether it was something I could really do. The photos didn’t come out amazing or anything because I wasn't comfortable, but I saw potential in myself and started to get more comfortable and learn from each photographer and model I came across.
B: You’ve worked with a number of photographers now and each of them has their own style. Which of the shoots that you’ve done stands out the most for you and why?

JA: I shot with this one photographer, who actually gave me so many ideas and how creative I could really get. His name was Shawn White. This shoot is when I really started to act in shoots and pull of roles in what I was doing, which gave the photographs the edge and looks I started to get satisfied in.  

B: You have done stylized images as well as working with Louis who shuns the glossy Photoshop imagery that we see so much of today? Some models are no longer comfortable without editing but you seem confident. Do you have an opinion on the two different styles?

JA:  Well, like any model, I do like the edited finishes better because it does clean up some imperfections that I do have, but I don’t mind the unedited shots. I am very comfortable with myself and my body for that not to be a deterrent regarding who I work with.  

B: You have posed nude for a few photographers. What led to your decision to venture into this area?

JA: I am very comfortable with my body, and I am an artist myself and love the physique of the human body. I do like my body because of how cut I am to show the definition of each feature on the body. I continue to go to the gym, to build muscle and perfect my body. 

B: What was the experience like, the first time you posed nude? Were you nervous?

JA:   To my surprise I wasn’t nervous at all. I’m just very comfortable being nude. 

B: What has the reaction to your nude work been? Is the feedback mostly positive? Have your received any negative responses from people you know?

JA:  All of my feedback has been good. Everyone loves the photos that I share.
B: How does a nude session differ from a regular session for you?

JA:  my mind has to go outside the box for nude shoots because I’m mainly focusing on my body and my characters then have to portray confidence. With a normal shoot, I’m focused on the clothing and how my character can bring out each piece of clothing. 

B: Clearly, as stated, you are comfortable with your body, as you should be judging from the images, but is there any physical aspect that you wish you could change?

JA:  Yes. I would love to get bigger, just build muscles in every area. I would love for my chest, arms, legs, and butt to get bigger to be exact.  

B: What would you consider to be your best feature?

JA: my face actually. I've been told that my eyes are captivating.  

B: Can you name five photographers whom you would like to work with in the future, and why you chose them?

JA: James from Noire3000 is the only one right now. I haven’t really thought about it that much lately. 

B:  His work is beyond description.  An incredibly creative and unique style. He has a huge fan here at BLISS. Is there any particular image or style that you have yet to do that is on your wish list?

JA: I want to do an angel/demon concept shoot, and I’m actually in the process of putting that together. 

B: Do you believe it is harder to get noticed in this industry as an ethnic model?

JA: No actually. As an ethnic model, I capture people's attention more often.  

B: Well that is refreshing to hear. So often, it is not the case. What is the best lesson you have learned so far in regards to being a model?

JA: You can't trust everyone, just be careful and have fun. If you are not having fun, you are wasting your time. 

B: Are there any exciting projects coming up for you this year that we can watch out for?

JA: Nothing really big coming up this year, but hopefully some great things may progress next year. 

B: Do you have a particular philosophy that you live by?

JA: Enjoy life..... The ups and downs. 

B: You will undoubtedly gain some new fans as well as people who admirer your work. Any words for them?

JA: Keep a look out because I’m gonna get up there. Follow me on twitter @king_jalexander. I’m always posting what is going on in my modeling life.

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