Sunday, November 27, 2011


"Working With David Wagner was one of the best modeling experiances I had because of the trust we had built prior to working together. Talking about concepts on the phone, tons of emails and concepts we went over before I flew out to Los Angeles. I think David discovered pretty quickly that I wasn't like anyone he had met before and that I conducted myself in a very professional manner. 

"David and I are a lot alike, we both like to stay away from crowds, we don't go out, we have an appriciation for focusing on the task at hand and making it the best it can be. David is one of the few people in Los Angeles that I trust completely, he is also the nicest, most patient person I have met in Los Angeles as well. There was no pressure working with David and I believe that's why our images turned out so great and have really gotten a lot of milage. We are working on concepts for 2012 right now" 

-DW Chase

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