Saturday, November 12, 2011


Modeling is not always about the pose.  Many people, regardless of the physicality, can easily imitate a standard pose. In fact, there are models with portfolios full of nothing but poses, and despite the physical beauty, some of the images fall flat because there is no life or conviction coming from the subject. What separates a good model from a great one is the ability to inhabit a character, even if it’s as simple as “sexy hunk in underwear”, the viewer needs to believe it in much the same way we put expectations on actors.

Gio De Marco is a model who appears to have few, if any, inhibitions, and that assumption comes from the way he indulges his photographers to bring 100% to the photos. The truth is that he does draw the line in some areas, at least for now, but he is able to make us believe that no line exists, and that is a testament to his commitment. This dedication has not passed unnoticed by some very notable artists like Kurt R. Brown, who  has chosen Gio’s images for a few of his books, Mark Grantham, Mike Tossy, Ryan Tran, and perhaps most notably, Zedneram.

Gio can be seen in a number of publications including the 2009 Latin Men Calendar, Kurt Brown’s books “Body Of Man”, “Man Vol. 1”, and his latest “Earthly Beauty”, as well as “Visions” which is a collection of contemporary male image photography by a variety of artists. And now he comes to BLISS with an exclusive interview that reveals the man behind the masks.

©2011 – Sean Dibble

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