Saturday, December 10, 2011

GAY DEMON Reviews BLISS 2 Times in 2011

"BLISS Male Mag is an almost perfect magazine detailing every inch of nude and incredibly sexy male models, nude and somewhat-clothed, erect, semi-erect and soft as a tissue. A glossy paper-printed magazine, its online version seems every bit as hot, with absolutely nothing lost for the inquiring surfer. A gorgeous list to the right details prior magazine covers, with nice long looks inside each edition. The specialty of the house seems to be detailed interviews of these gorgeous models and porn stars, interspersed with arresting photographs in stunningly sexy and "totally ready" poses. The entry dealing with "Ocelot" seems to go forever, providing an incredible vision of this gorgeous guy in every single pose imaginable. His throbbing hard cock beckons at the photographer's lens like some Siren, apparently made just for the lustful surfer. Likewise, the extensive photo richness and the detailed interview with Landon Taylor provides not just insight into his life and progress, but a great look at that "tent" in your pants.That's one yummy character, made more perfect by the excellent photographs.There is not a thing NOT to like in this gorgeous magazine. This is truly a treat for gay male eyeballs"

"At Bliss Male Mag they strive to capture art. It's a magazine-style blog celebrating the male form, and I was totally hooked on it once I started scrolling down. I have to admit I'd not heard of many of the men they feature in their list of articles and featured men, but that didn't stop me clicking names and enjoying the content. There are interviews with models and actors, loads of photos ranging from posed, clothed, underwear and erotic shots to nudity, though not full-on hardcore porn. It's not that sort of site. Check down the side list of covers and you're in hot-male heaven with a place packed with content. It's a site that takes its mission seriously, presents its content professionally and gives you some great reading and viewing. Definitely well worth checking out."

I am extremely grateful to be recognized and appreciate such wonderful reviews. I strive to continue providing fun, exciting, sexy and hot content. Please check out Gay Demon for more amazing content.

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