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BLISS:  You have worked with an amazing array of men, and now Victor Po. What drew you to him as a model?

Mark Henderson:  I first noticed Victor a few years ago on Model Mayhem. The pictures in his profile there are dazzling.  Of course, I was immediately struck by his gorgeous skin tone…perfect for photography…and by his curvaceous musculature; but what primarily grabbed my attention was his obvious talent for posing. The way Victor brilliantly and fearlessly thrusts and contorts his glutei, legs, arms and torso, creating dynamic, powerful surface patterns, is nothing short of masterful.

I suspected early on that working with Victor would be a joy, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later that a mutual friend introduced us and I was finally able to photograph him.  Needless to say, Victor exceeded even my already high expectations.  

B: What was the concept of your shoot together?

MH:  To be honest, I have no grand concept or lofty intentions for my work. I like to keep my shoots relatively simple; to create milieus that will not only highlight a model’s best physical attributes, but will suit his particular talents as a model.  Victor’s versatility allowed me to photograph him in both indoor and outdoor settings…in surroundings with dazzling color and in more monochromatic settings… with equally good results.  

B: What was the experience like working with Victor?

MH:  What impresses me the most about Victor is his fearlessness as a model.  He shifts and gyrates his physique in ways that other models might find awkward or embarrassing or physically impossible, and yet Victor always finds a certain (seemingly) effortless beauty in every pose.  When it comes to his body Victor has no inhibitions, and as a photographer I treasure this quality in models. 

Victor should teach a graduate level class in nude erotic posing!

B:  What do you consider to be the most appealing aspects about Victor physically?

MH:  Victor has a wonderful physique, but I find his legs particularly admirable.  His quads, hamstrings, and calves are quite large (but not out of proportion) and beautifully sculpted.  Not every model possesses great legs…legs are often difficult to develop…so it’s a distinct pleasure to work with a model that not only has strong, commanding legs but also knows how to pose them effectively. 

B:  What about on the personal side? What do you consider to be his best trait?

MH:  From the moment I picked him up at the airport, Victor was exuberant, charming, outspoken, and very chatty.  He kept my assistant and me entertained and laughing for two days!  But in addition to his good spirits, I greatly admire his tireless devotion to his craft…he always wanted to get the picture just right no matter how exhausted he may have been. 

B: Photo buffs will know about your three bestselling books: Household Idols, Suburban Pleasures and Poolside.  Will your fans be treated to a new book in 2012? If so, will Victor be a part of it?

MH:  My next book, LUMINOSITY will be out in February 2012 from Bruno Gmünder.  Unfortunately none of Victor’s images will appear in the new book...I had to finish the book three months earlier than expected, so my last dozen or so shoots weren't included.  It's a shame, too, because I had some good images of him for this project...but he'll definitely appear in the next one. 

B: What other Mark Henderson projects can we look out for, such as calendars or other publications?

MH:  The 2012 Poolside calendar is currently available…I must say they did a great job with it.  In addition to LUMINOSITY, which will be out in February 2012, my work also appears in a few Gmünder anthology books that have just been released or will be coming out soon…TRUNK SHOW, TURNON SPORTS, GAY PORN HEROES, and others. 

B: Any advice for other photographers who may be considering booking Victor for a photo shoot?

MH:  Do not hesitate to hire Victor…I’m only sorry I waited so long!  
©2011 – Sean Dibble

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