Saturday, December 24, 2011

VICTOR PO - Warming Up Winter

‘Tis the season for dashing through the snow and dreaming of a white Christmas, but this holiday just got much hotter. Miami based model extraordinaire, Victor Po is the gift that keeps on giving as he makes his rounds from one photographer to the next, creating images that are sensual, arresting, erotic or just plain ole classically beautiful. He is no stranger to those behind the lens and many would include him on their wish list of people to work with, but his inclusion in Monroeland, the exclusive universe created by master artist and provocateur, Justin Monroe, has dramatically increased his recognition factor, and even landed him the coveted title of Model of the Month at

In today’s market, beautiful males are somewhat commonplace, and an impressive physique can be found just about anywhere thanks to the popularity of gyms, so it takes more than just pure physicality to make a mark and stand out in a crowd of fitness models. We all can admire a beautiful image, but the subject has to give much more than your basic poses to become memorable.  One look at Victor’s incredible range proves that he is equally at home playing the muscled Latino pretty boy as he is when surrounded by religious props and symbolism that has been sexed up to the extreme. He is not afraid to take his work to the fullest degree, even if that means creating art that would make a conservative’s blood pressure rise. He has also reached that special status where photographers are inspired by him and not just using him to fulfill their inspirations.

It would be impossible to fully explain the appeal of Victor, but much of it has to do with how he immerses himself within the scene. Give him a concept, explain the character and leave it to him to bring that vision to life, not merely by posing or adopting a certain expression, but by becoming the character. Actors do this through dialog, mannerisms, staging, camera angles and special effects, and Victor employs many of these same techniques, with the absence of sound.  To see him in action, check out this behind the scenes video “DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS” at - Dirty Little Secrets (The video is intended for mature audiences so you have to enter your birthdate.)

Photographers are often pushed into the background when it comes to name recognition but like directors, there are those whose names are more famous than the people they are filming. Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, ManRay, Pierre et Gilles, Tom Bianchi, Old Reliable, and artist Tom of Finland are like royalty in the field of male imagery and each one is associated with a particular style that is distinct enough to be branded, at least in the minds of the viewers. The new guard has its own breed of celebrities like Mark Henderson, Rick Day, Dylan Rosser, Murray!, David Vance, Howard Roffman, Bel Ami, Joe Oppendisano, Jeff Palmer, Jim French, Paul Reitz, Kurt R. Brown, Pedro Virgil, Thomas Synnamon, Giovanni, Ed Freeman, Lindsay Lozon, Kristen Bjorn, Henning von Berg, Jay Diers, Aaron Cobbert and, of course, Justin Monroe.  To work with any of these great talents is worth boasting about…Victor has been shot by three. So far.

If I were asked to describe him with just one word, I would say fearless. Other adjectives that fit aptly include uninhibited, adaptable, rugged, sexy, handsome, beautiful, sensual, masculine…actually the list could go on and on because it is too limiting to use one word to define the essence of Victor, and this is precisely what makes him such a superstar in front of the camera. It is also what keeps the viewers on the lookout for any new images, waiting to see how each new photographer chooses to showcase him. He the perfect model for the holiday cover, as well as the perfect way to close out 2011.

©2011 – Sean Dibble

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