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JAY PLOGMAN:  Thanks for putting Jessie and I in contact with each other during my trip to Baltimore. It really was quite a shock when I met him the morning of our shoot and you weren't in the car with him! It's a shame you couldn't join us that day. How is it you came to meet Jessie and set up your first shoot?

SEAN DIBBLE:  I knew after working with Jessie that you two would be a good fit artistically. We had talked about other photographers and which ones I thought he should try to work with and I immediately thought of you, Ron Reyes and Don Pollard. When you and I communicated about you visiting this area, I was excited because I would finally be able to meet you and it would give Jessie a chance to shoot with you. Unfortunately, I had food poisoning and couldn’t make it.

As for meeting Jessie – he is a dancer at a club called Secrets where another model I’ve worked with also dances. Jessie expressed interest in fitness modeling and was referred to me. I went to the club the next evening to meet him and we agreed to a test shoot in the coming weeks. We ended up doing the shoot about three days later and he was so personable and easy to work with that I decided to do a full shoot.

JP:  Had Jessie done any shoots before working with you and how did that influence the way in which you did your set with him?

SD:  I actually was not aware of any previous shoots at the time of our meeting so I felt I had free reign.  The real influence came from watching him perform at the club. I spent most of my time there studying him from different angles and the way he moved his body. My only real concept was to bring out some true aspect of his personality and to let him bring some of his club persona into the photos.  The great thing is that Jessie is completely comfortable with his body and understands performing both on stage and in front of the camera so I was able to get the results I was hoping for.

JP:  I often begin shoots as if I had just grabbed the subject off the street and started shooting. When working with Jessie did you have any concepts in mind for him or did you work pretty spontaneously?

SD:  I knew that Jessie was interested in fitness work, which makes sense considering his amazing physique, so the main goal of our first shoot was to showcase that. He is so perfectly proportioned that many viewers have expressed surprise when they discover that he is actually on the small side in terms of height.  He has one of the best physiques I’ve ever worked with to be honest, so our first shoot was completely centered on that.

JP:  You've worked with Jessie twice now. I already had ideas of other shoots I'd like to do with Jessie within a day or so of our first shoot together. How long after your first shoot did it take for you to be inspired with the ideas for your second shoot together?  

SD:  From the moment I edited the first photo, I already wanted to work with Jessie again. There is an intense sense of gratification when you realize that you were able to capture exactly what you intended and all the elements such as posing and lighting fell into place. Having worked with Jessie yourself, you are well aware of his tireless energy and how dedicated he is to giving the intended result. As a photographer, you really can’t ask for anything better when working with a model. The fact that Jessie is also an erotic performer played a part in the theme for our last shoot because I wanted to explore that side of him as opposed to just the sexy and sensual side from our first shoot.

JP:   Is there something about your work with Jessie that is directing your ideas for upcoming shoots with him or others?

SD:  There are always ideas floating around my head about what we could try. I’d really love to do some more location work with him because he is fearless and daring which makes the experience exciting for both of us.  In terms of working with others, my work with Jessie has caught the attention of other models and they expressed interest in working with me. The most recent is a guy named Long that I just finished shooting with. The difference is that it’s not always easy to find models that have the same level of comfort in terms of displaying their bodies.

JP:  Some models become muses for photographers. Do you have a sense of this in Jessie after having gotten to know him and work with him?

SD:  Oh absolutely! There is an instant connection between photographer and model when working with Jessie, which I’m sure you felt as well, and knowing that there are few, if any, artistic limitations when shooting him only heightens the creative aspect. The fact that Jessie has connected with my audience so strongly adds to that. In fact, he has created more buzz than any other model I’ve ever worked with, making him and Eric Rensburg the most viewed on my website. I have a book out featuring both of them alongside three other models called “rSEANd 5”, and I am working on a new book with just Jessie due to fan requests. Our latest shoot has images that were done specifically for that book. I’m also working with Rekha Kaula of Radiant Cola Productions, and she is in the process of creating a video with scenes from that last shoot that will be used for promotion. There are quite a few Jessie Lee products available on my Zazzle site (www.zazzle.com/rseand) including a calendar that has been very popular. Fans can also put their favorite photo of Jessie on a variety of merchandise, including T-shirts, mouse pads, key chains, mugs, plates and other items and order directly from my website rSEANd.com 

JP:  During your shoots with Jessie, who is the instigator of the poses? Does he bring his own set of ideas to the shoot?

SD:  When I work with Jessie, I usually just tell him what emotion I am after and then let him do his thing. I may direct him in terms of where to look, which way to tilt his head or which body part I will be emphasizing, but for the most part I put him in the scene and let him act out what comes naturally.

JP:  I'd like to see Jessie working with some other models and already have my ideas as to whom. What are your thoughts as to who you'd like to see him with in your work? 

SD:  I actually have not given that much thought, but other models and Jessie fans have supplied ideas of what and whom they’d like to see him paired up with. On the personal side, I’d love to shoot him with model/adult performer Draven Torres, whom Jessie has already worked with. Draven is a gorgeous guy in his own right and they look great together.

©2012 – Jay Plogman

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