Friday, July 13, 2012


photo: Kevin McDermontt

In 2010, underground artist Cazwell released a video for his song “Ice Cream Truck” that featured him alongside a group of sexy Latino guys clad mainly in just boxer shorts dancing provocatively making suggestive motions with popsicles.  It was an instant sensation on YouTube, going viral with nearly 3 million views to date and introducing the world to a few new faces. One of those faces is cover boy Eddy Barrena, and while many may know him mainly from his association with Cazwell, this Latino beauty has quite a bit more going on than just dancing in the background.

Eddy is one of those models that you’ve seen just about everywhere on the Internet but whose name you might not have heard. He is an aspiring musician in his own right with two well produced visual odysseys on his YouTube page ( ). He is also a dancer and, perhaps most notably for photographers, a model who has been shot by some of the leading names in the industry, including Thomas Synnamon, Seth London, Dylan Rosser and Rick Day to name a few.

The landscape is starting to fill up with more and more beautiful men who are willing to show off a sexier side of themselves in front of the camera, but there are those who manage to stay in the minds of not just the photographers, but the public as well because they possess that special quality that sets them apart from the crowd. It’s no longer enough to just be beautiful or to have an outstanding physique – there has to be an approachable quality that the viewer can relate to. Our sex symbols need to have humility since Facebook and Twitter has made it easier to contact these objects of desire. In the past, part of the fantasy involved the dream, however unlikely, of communicating with or actually meeting our celebrity crushes, but the world was a bigger place that kept public figures in a space all their own. Now that we can friend them, private message them, talk to them on Twitter or YouTube and even Skype, the personality plays a much bigger role in who we choose to lavish our attention on.

The landscape of celebrity has changed to the point where ordinary people can become stars, even if it is only due to some reality show. YouTube can make people famous, as can blogs or personal websites devoted to an individual’s life or sex appeal. Eddy Barrena may not be Taylor Lautner in terms of fame, but he does have a legion of fans, in addition to an even larger base of people who know who he is by sight. People look at his photographs, they Google his name, watch his videos, send him friend requests on Facebook and (no doubt) fantasize about spending some hot moments with just his company acting out their private dreams. Those who make it inside the circle, even if it is on a superficial level, will all say the same thing: Eddy is the nicest, warmest, and most humble guy. He is the new breed of S.E.E.X.X. Symbol.

I caught up with Eddy as the finishing touches were being put on his newest video release and he agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to do an interview for BLISS. It is always twice as rewarding to discover that every wonderful quality you hoped a person you are interviewing will have turns out to be true. Eddy Barrena is a class act.

©2012 – Sean Dibble

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