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Jay Plogman was one of the first few artists to be featured in BLISS with a cover story entitled East Meets West, which debuted in December of 2009. From the moment I discovered his work, I was a fan and the appreciation for the way he lights and frames his subjects continues to this day.  He has a diverse eye, which is refreshing in a landscape that can be filled with so many variations on the same theme in terms of model choices. He is international in scope having lived abroad for some time before returning to the U.S. and the change of scenery, not to mention the models available, brought about noticeable changes in his style. His work evolved rather than improved because neither improvement nor change was really necessary, but the evolution added new dimensions to what was already an impressive portfolio.

I count Jay amongst a large group of individual artists who are celebrities for me. These artists, whose work I admire and am inspired by serve as my versions of the rock star, the actor, the sports figure or media personality that keep so many in our society captivated and enthralled. In much the same way that people idolized James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Michael Jordon, and the current crop of superstars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and reality show personalities (unfortunately), I was spellbound by the photographic talents of so many artists. BLISS was my way of connecting to them in a manner that went beyond just staring at the amazing images and attempting to bring that same joy and captivation to a different audience who might not know the names behind the photographs, as well as taking a peek inside the minds and into the creative process.

Jessie Lee is like a mini tornado and has quickly become a phenomenon in the world of artistic modeling and adult performance. He had only been on the scene for a short amount of time but his popularity continues to rise at an unbelievable pace. He has garnered more attention and fan adoration than any individual I have had the pleasure of working with and is an undeniable attraction on Peter Le’s mega popular site PeterFever.com. While working with him we discussed other photographers that he could work with and the first person I mentioned was Jay Plogman.  He was already scheduled to work with West Phillips so I felt Jay would be the perfect choice. As luck would have it, Jay was going to be visiting the area so the timing was perfect.

Only one other model has had an entire issue devoted to him and in that case it was adult superstar Turk Mason. I felt that Jessie was the perfect choice for the next special edition and I discussed it with West and Jay who wanted to be a part of it and agreed to keep it a secret so it would remain a surprise to Jessie. I also wanted the issue to be built around the beautiful images that Jay took so I chose his work for the cover. It is with great pleasure that I was able to bring both these amazing talents together for this tribute to Jessie Lee and to finally bring Jay back in his first BLISS interview since 2009. In the end, I think all of us managed to justify what makes Jessie such an exciting new model and performer while showcasing different aspects of his beauty.

BLISS:  My first interview with you was in December of 2009. Since then you’ve put out a book, INTIMO (http://www.blurb.com/books/1441060) in addition to being featured in the Bruno Gmunder anthology – KISSED: Sensuality in Gay Art.  What other projects have you been working on?

JAY PLOGMAN:  I've worked on many small projects since then, highlights being shooting for a singer/songwriter to accompany a video release for his single, work for a jeweler, and ad work for a retailer of fine writing instruments.  I have one book project in the works now, tentatively titled "Musings from Manila: A Philippine Photo Odyssey".  For it I've sorted through all of the 75,000+ photos I shot during my time in the Philippines and have narrowed those down to the very best images and am now working on including a fair amount of text to accompany those.  I hope to have the book ready by autumn of this year.

B:  Looking through your port, there is a noticeable difference, not just in model choices, but in the styling and overall look of your images. Was this a conscious decision, a natural evolution or are you even aware that you’re changing as an artist?

JP:  At times I am aware that I am evolving as an artist.  That is usually preceded by a feeling that I have no idea of what to do for an upcoming shoot!

B: I love when I can define a photographer by a particular style, but am disappointed when I see the same location, wardrobe and posing from model to model. Do you ever repeat yourself, so to speak?

JP:  I agree with what you say and that is the reason I do not do very much studio work.  After having a studio for a few years I found it and I did not work well together creatively!  The vast majority of my shoots now are done on location.  Each new setting inspires me.  Anything from a broom closet to thousands of square feet of empty industrial space!  Regrettably I find some difficulties in securing new locations for some shoots.  When similarities in poses and location arise I try to offset that by choosing a different angle, composition, and lighting so I am never repeating any previous work. 

B:  You had just returned from living abroad when we did our first interview. Now that some time has passed, can you pinpoint any specific differences from shooting there as opposed to here in the US?

JP:  From 2007 through 2009 I was living in Manila, Philippines and since then I have been living in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Let me assure you there are a lot of differences between those two places!  Manila is the Philippine equivalent of New York City.  It is the capital of fashion, design, media and culture.  Cincinnati?  Well, it isn't; and because it isn't it is much more difficult to find people to work with of the caliber present in those capitals of culture.  I regularly receive messages from models on both the east and west coasts expressing their dismay at my not being there!  I won't go into specifics here, but moving to the coasts is not an option for me at this point in time. 

B:  There are those who are familiar with your work that might identify you as shooting mainly Asian models but you are rather broad in terms of race and ethnicity when it comes to your subjects. Do you have a preference or do you gain more satisfaction from being diverse?

JP:  My work with Asian models was due to living in Manila for over 2 years.  I loved working with them, but I really love working with anyone who has a passion for creating images with me.  One model who comes to mind is Brandon Schinaman:  he braved temperatures in the forties one morning while doing an underwear shoot he wanted to do.  Because he was determined to get some great shots he kept at it as long as was needed to get the right looks - and neither of us were disappointed with the results.

B: You also worked with BLISS cover model David Davila and some of the images from that shoot were featured in the September issue. What was it like working with David?

JP:  Yes, thank you for having my work included there!  David's shoot came about while I was visiting his hometown, Chicago.  Our shoot was put together rather hastily and without a lot of pre-planning, which was fine by me.  I love working that way.  Some models I have encountered cannot work like that and require very specific instructions for the concepts of each shoot.  David embraced the very spur-of-the-moment nature of the shoot, is very personable and working with him was a joy.  He takes poses quite naturally, has a great physique and captivating eyes that really draw the viewer's attention.  I believe his eyes are the greatest of his many physical assets.

B: The male image landscape is influenced by trends just like pop culture. What changes have you noticed over the past few years?

JP:  While I try not to pay much attention to the obviously trendy, one thing I have noticed is the love affair with overly photoshopped images has died.  Photoshop artists have matured and taken their craft to the next level.  
Of course the new craze around the world now is Instagram.  Everyone with  smart phone is using it to create pictures that look as if they were shot thirty or more years ago using either inexpensive compact cameras or slide film scanned to digital.  This has either coincided with some of the retro look in advertising or advertising has been in lock step with the Instagram aesthetic trend.

B: What changes would you like to see take place within the industry?

JP:  I'd like there to be still more diversity.  On the whole photographically it would be great to see more experimental, esoteric, and artistic photography.  That is one area in which I am challenging myself as opportunities arise.

B: You traveled to the DC area last month, which was supposed to be our chance to finally meet in person, which didn’t happen since I had food poisoning, but you did manage to work with newcomer Jessie Lee, whom I highly recommended.  How would you describe him as a person?

JP:  It was such a shame you fell ill when you did!  I was really looking forward to our meeting.  Photographers in Manila loved to get together to socialize or to shoot together.  Here in the US I have mostly been given the cold shoulder.  So when I say I was really looking forward to our meeting I mean that!  But back to your question:  Jessie is an incredibly energetic, uninhibited, fun, great guy. 

B:  I know from working with him myself that Jessie is tireless when it comes to working in front of a camera. What stood out the most for you in terms of him as a model?

JP:  Tireless!  Yes!  That is an excellent way to describe Jessie!  He's like the Energizer Bunny of models!  Jessie is still relatively new to posing, and we only met for the first time as we began the shoot, so taking poses was, at the beginning, a bit awkward, but after a while he was taking poses very naturally and with much greater confidence.

B: You did a series of shoots at your hotel as well as on location in Baltimore. Did you have any specific concepts in mind?

JP:  First I should note that before our shoot there I had never been to Baltimore and had no idea as to where to go for a shoot.  I was just some schmucky tourist!  Before arriving in Baltimore, the only ideas I had were for his wardrobe and that we would shoot indoors as well as outdoors.  Everything else came to mind once I saw the room and our outdoor location.

B:  I love the art shots that you did of him, which are more abstract than anything I’ve seen from you before. What led to the decision to shoot those particular images?

JP:  I've been shooting those abstract (I call them "bodyscapes") images for some years now, but have never put them out for public view.  I had not done any in quite some time, and it was actually my partner, Edson, who was there during a portion of the shoot who reminded me!

B:  What location did you use for the outdoor images and how was Jessie in a public setting?

JP:  Our location was a small park in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, not terribly far from Camden Yards.  It is little more than a hiking/biking trail populated by a dozen or so shanties the homeless have constructed.  Little did I know that would be the case when I came upon it during a Google Earth search!  It looked much nicer in the 2006 image from space on Google!  I still can't believe I found a shoot location in Baltimore using Google Earth from Cincinnati!

B:  You also ratcheted up the erotic quotient with the mirror shots and the results are undeniably hot. How did you both prepare for that part of the session?

JP:  From the moment I saw that big mirror in our room the day before the shoot I knew I would use it.  Jessie and I did some shots in the shower and it steamed up the entire room, creating a wonderful condensation on the mirror which was, like Jessie, really hot.  So the idea that came upon me immediately was: Narcissus!  So I told Jessie to make love to himself in the mirror - and he did.  And he did it very well, I might add.  I'm sure your readers will agree.  Not that this came exactly naturally to him:  at first he found it rather awkward, but got into it once he saw how the first few frames looked!

B:  The images in the shower are stunning, especially the word SEX spelled out in the soap on his body. Did you plan that or was it more organic?

JP:  Thanks so much.  Once I got to know Jessie I knew I would have to write SEX out on him.  He has such a rockin' body and can, when he turns on his sexual side, just ooze sex appeal.

B:  Jessie has built up quite a fan base in a relatively short amount of time. How would you define his appeal and why do you think so many people are responding to it?

JP:  Jessie is charming.  He is warm and friendly.  He is fun to be around.  This all shines through within moments of meeting the man.  He works incredibly hard on his physique and is justifiably proud of it.  Being Asian, he is also a rare commodity when it comes to guys in his field of work - especially on the east coast.  He is one of the latest in a growing number of amazing Asian men including Guy Tang, Peter Le, and Jeffierce Chiangmai (all on the west coast) to show to the world that Asian men are every bit as hot, ripped, and sexy as any white, black or latino.  It is the reason I worked with all those great guys who posed before my camera in the Philippines.  If I could I would get Jessie together with Guy, Peter, Jeff and some others for a massive group shoot.

B: Taste, like art, is subjective, but in your opinion, what is Jessie’s best physical feature?

JP:  Photographically I'd have to say it is his torso.  I say that because he has worked so hard to achieve his definition and knows exactly how to manipulate it for the shot.

B:  Jessie is now a featured model and performer on PeterFever.com, run by the legendary Peter Le. Do you think his comfort level with nudity, as well as erotic art makes it easier to work with him?

JP:  Definitely.  Jessie has no inhibitions whatsoever.  He is able to view any situation with optimism and possibility.  And he does this all with great professionalism and poise I must add.

B: Every photo shoot, or a great deal of them, I should say, produces an interesting back story at some point, and often times they are humorous. Did you experience anything like this working with Jessie?

JP:  Oh yes!  As soon as we met we set out to find our outdoor location.  Within minutes we were lost!  20 minutes later: while we had found the park, we couldn't locate its entrance.  Then, of course, once we were in and ready to begin the shoot people started walking around while Jessie was undressing/dressing.  Later, during the shoot in the hotel we did some bed shots.  I did most of the shots from above him which required me to precariously straddle him, trying to maintain my balance, all while dealing with the steam he had generated when we did the shower shots.  So while he was nice and comfy lying nude on the bed, I was fully clothed, perspiring tremendously, balanced precipitously over his head. 

B:  Many models are completely different in front of the camera than they are between shots. In what ways would you say Jessie differs from the image he projects in photos?

JP:  No model who presents himself in the way Jessie does is entirely what you see in those still images.  Guy Tang is a vivid example of this.  Like Jessie, in his photos Guy can be sexy and sultry; the personification of sexuality and lustful desire.  Then, when one views Guy's videos we see the happy, fun, playful and vivacious, man who posed for that 1/60 of a second for the camera in that fantasy mode.  It rounds out the individual and endears us to them.  Jessie is a most endearing guy, fun and lovable - but that's not what we were going for in our photo session!

B:  It is easy to look at someone like Jessie and make the assumption that he is 100% happy with his physical gifts, but often times models carry their own insecurities about their physicality. Did Jessie express any thoughts about what he would like to change about himself?

JP:  Nobody likes everything they see in the mirror each morning.  Even the most successful models see some feature of someone else and wish it was an attribute of their own.  If Jessie did express such thoughts I don't recall it now.  We were awfully busy that day!

B: Do you have any advice for Jessie as he moves forward in his career?

JP:  As anyone who is in the very early stages of a career in modeling I would hope he will remain open to all new possibilities and to work with as wide a variety of others as possible to broaden his portfolio.

B: What’s the next exciting project we can expect from you?

JP:  Aside from the book I previously mentioned, "Musings from Manila:  A Philippine Photo Odyssey" I am planning another book featuring the men I have worked with from Europe, the US and South America.  If any Canadians would like to be included, remember this:  Cincinnati is closer than you think.  Within driving distance from Toronto.  Hint.  Hint.

B: You have a built in fan base as well…any last words for them?

JP:  Do I really?  Wow.  Cool.  Well thank you all and please continue to pay visits to my blog site (http://www.jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.com) and the connections there to my Facebook and Model Mayhem pages in the coming months and beyond.  I do want to shamelessly plug INTIMO (http://www.blurb.com/books/1441060).  It should be noted the preview only shows about half of the book's content, so only buyers get to see "the really good stuff"!  Readers should also know that like your fine books, Sean, INTIMO is available as an e-book as well, for those guys who need a dose of hot Filipino men on the go!

©2012 – Sean Dibble

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JAY PLOGMAN:  Thanks for putting Jessie and I in contact with each other during my trip to Baltimore. It really was quite a shock when I met him the morning of our shoot and you weren't in the car with him! It's a shame you couldn't join us that day. How is it you came to meet Jessie and set up your first shoot?

SEAN DIBBLE:  I knew after working with Jessie that you two would be a good fit artistically. We had talked about other photographers and which ones I thought he should try to work with and I immediately thought of you, Ron Reyes and Don Pollard. When you and I communicated about you visiting this area, I was excited because I would finally be able to meet you and it would give Jessie a chance to shoot with you. Unfortunately, I had food poisoning and couldn’t make it.

As for meeting Jessie – he is a dancer at a club called Secrets where another model I’ve worked with also dances. Jessie expressed interest in fitness modeling and was referred to me. I went to the club the next evening to meet him and we agreed to a test shoot in the coming weeks. We ended up doing the shoot about three days later and he was so personable and easy to work with that I decided to do a full shoot.

JP:  Had Jessie done any shoots before working with you and how did that influence the way in which you did your set with him?

SD:  I actually was not aware of any previous shoots at the time of our meeting so I felt I had free reign.  The real influence came from watching him perform at the club. I spent most of my time there studying him from different angles and the way he moved his body. My only real concept was to bring out some true aspect of his personality and to let him bring some of his club persona into the photos.  The great thing is that Jessie is completely comfortable with his body and understands performing both on stage and in front of the camera so I was able to get the results I was hoping for.

JP:  I often begin shoots as if I had just grabbed the subject off the street and started shooting. When working with Jessie did you have any concepts in mind for him or did you work pretty spontaneously?

SD:  I knew that Jessie was interested in fitness work, which makes sense considering his amazing physique, so the main goal of our first shoot was to showcase that. He is so perfectly proportioned that many viewers have expressed surprise when they discover that he is actually on the small side in terms of height.  He has one of the best physiques I’ve ever worked with to be honest, so our first shoot was completely centered on that.

JP:  You've worked with Jessie twice now. I already had ideas of other shoots I'd like to do with Jessie within a day or so of our first shoot together. How long after your first shoot did it take for you to be inspired with the ideas for your second shoot together?  

SD:  From the moment I edited the first photo, I already wanted to work with Jessie again. There is an intense sense of gratification when you realize that you were able to capture exactly what you intended and all the elements such as posing and lighting fell into place. Having worked with Jessie yourself, you are well aware of his tireless energy and how dedicated he is to giving the intended result. As a photographer, you really can’t ask for anything better when working with a model. The fact that Jessie is also an erotic performer played a part in the theme for our last shoot because I wanted to explore that side of him as opposed to just the sexy and sensual side from our first shoot.

JP:   Is there something about your work with Jessie that is directing your ideas for upcoming shoots with him or others?

SD:  There are always ideas floating around my head about what we could try. I’d really love to do some more location work with him because he is fearless and daring which makes the experience exciting for both of us.  In terms of working with others, my work with Jessie has caught the attention of other models and they expressed interest in working with me. The most recent is a guy named Long that I just finished shooting with. The difference is that it’s not always easy to find models that have the same level of comfort in terms of displaying their bodies.

JP:  Some models become muses for photographers. Do you have a sense of this in Jessie after having gotten to know him and work with him?

SD:  Oh absolutely! There is an instant connection between photographer and model when working with Jessie, which I’m sure you felt as well, and knowing that there are few, if any, artistic limitations when shooting him only heightens the creative aspect. The fact that Jessie has connected with my audience so strongly adds to that. In fact, he has created more buzz than any other model I’ve ever worked with, making him and Eric Rensburg the most viewed on my website. I have a book out featuring both of them alongside three other models called “rSEANd 5”, and I am working on a new book with just Jessie due to fan requests. Our latest shoot has images that were done specifically for that book. I’m also working with Rekha Kaula of Radiant Cola Productions, and she is in the process of creating a video with scenes from that last shoot that will be used for promotion. There are quite a few Jessie Lee products available on my Zazzle site (www.zazzle.com/rseand) including a calendar that has been very popular. Fans can also put their favorite photo of Jessie on a variety of merchandise, including T-shirts, mouse pads, key chains, mugs, plates and other items and order directly from my website rSEANd.com 

JP:  During your shoots with Jessie, who is the instigator of the poses? Does he bring his own set of ideas to the shoot?

SD:  When I work with Jessie, I usually just tell him what emotion I am after and then let him do his thing. I may direct him in terms of where to look, which way to tilt his head or which body part I will be emphasizing, but for the most part I put him in the scene and let him act out what comes naturally.

JP:  I'd like to see Jessie working with some other models and already have my ideas as to whom. What are your thoughts as to who you'd like to see him with in your work? 

SD:  I actually have not given that much thought, but other models and Jessie fans have supplied ideas of what and whom they’d like to see him paired up with. On the personal side, I’d love to shoot him with model/adult performer Draven Torres, whom Jessie has already worked with. Draven is a gorgeous guy in his own right and they look great together.

©2012 – Jay Plogman

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West Phillips has made quite a name for himself in a very short time. He is best known to BLISS readers as the man behind some of Peter Le’s photographs, but to his broad fan base, his work is recognizable by the use of lush landscapes and interesting natural backdrops, including urban and industrial environments. His models stand in contrast to the scenery behind them or blend in as one of the elements. In either instance the viewer has a wide field of vision in terms of the overall photograph, making all visual points something of interest.

West has photographed Jessie Lee for one of the hottest adult websites run by Peter Le, who stands as the number one model to ever be featured in BLISS. His interview averages nearly 4000 hits per month since it was posted in 2010, with no signs of slowing down. Jessie is the newest addition to his stable of sexy and beautiful men and he is a fitting choice considering his own star is rising rapidly. West did a recent shoot with him in Richmond, Virginia and took time out of his busy schedule to do a quick interview about the man who may soon be able to include himself as one of the elite Asian physique/erotic models.

BLISS:  You photographed Jessie for PeterFever.com. How did that collaboration come about?

WEST PHILLIPS:  Jessie and I had actually discussed working together before the PeterFever.com shoot came about. Once he and Peter had connected however, he and I decided to spend the entire weekend doing 2 shoots: one for PeterFever.com and one for our own personal projects.

B:  The images are some of the most erotic ones he has done to date and came out beautifully. What was the best part of working with Jessie?

WP:  After we connected online, Jessie and I were able to get to know each other pretty well and had built up a good rapport and friendship. Meeting in person was just the next step. In doing such an intimate shoot with someone, it's best to know the person and have some sort of trust or foundation to get the ball rolling, so to speak lol Jessie was incredibly easy-going and comfortable to work with so the shoot was a lot of fun and very laid back.

B:  The graffiti works as the perfect backdrop to the erotic scenario you created for that series of shots. Where were they taken?

WP:  I was in Miami at the time of scheduling this shoot and deciding on the perfect location. I knew of an amazing location in Richmond, Virginia that I had used in the past and it didn't take much to convince Jessie to make the trip down to meet me there. We spent the weekend in sleepy and historic Richmond, shooting around the most haunting spots we could find. The majority of the shots came from Belle Isle.

B:  I consider Jessie to be one of the hottest "on the rise" new models and a great addition to the cast of Asian males that already includes Peter Le, Eric Rensburg and Guy Tang. How do you think he compares to an established pro such as Peter and what obstacles does he face as an Asian male model?

WP:  This is actually a great topic to discuss! Asian male models are slowly becoming more and more visible, though for it being 2012, I feel we should be much further along. Models such as Peter Le and Jessie Lee fit into a more specific genre than just 'Asian Male Model" in my opinion. Peter Le has built up a huge following based on his physique/bodybuilding image as well as his adult/erotic image. Peter has done a great job of breaking some pretty offensive stereotypes about Asian men and I think in a lot of ways, Jessie could be following in his footsteps.

B:  When working with Jessie, do you create a concept in advance?

WP:  I always want to showcase Jessie's physical presence and to highlight it bring out as much masculinity as I can. The majority of our shoots are shot in underwear or nude, so the concept is almost always made up by whichever location we choose.

B:  Every model has their own way of immersing themselves in a shoot. How does Jessie get in the proper mindset when you two are working together?

WP:  Jessie is great at being ready to shoot as soon as I turn the camera on. If I can help him get in the exact mindset I want, then I'll give him some ideas, some emotions or feelings to go with and to convey through the photos. He's very eager and full of ideas, which can be great!

B:  You photographed him clothed, nude and even erotic style. Does the dynamic and method change based on the type of image?

WP:  Jessie is known for his physique first and foremost. He also has a great smile and if you know him, you know he's also a really nice guy. Whether I'm photographing him fully clothed or fully nude, I want the final image to speak the same: masculinity and strength.

B:  How did you prepare Jessie for his nude and erotic images?

WP:  I think we were fortunate that we were pretty comfortable with one another from the beginning. We did some simple test shoots of him fully clothed (and actually alongside another model I had with me at the time). Once I was comfortable with the best way to shoot him (angles, etc), then we worked our way through the concept from clothed to nude. We've had several photo shoots since our first one in Richmond that day and now it seems more awkward to photograph him clothed! lol

B:  With some models, erotic shots tend to come across looking posed or forced, whereas Jessie always looks completely natural and at ease in front of the camera. Did he have trouble pulling off any particular images?

WP:  Jessie was completely comfortable being nude in front of the camera and yes, very natural. He is confident in his appearance and his physique in its entirety lol. That being said, I have my own style of shooting and my own style of positioning/placing models and used that in a lot of my images with Jessie. He takes direction very well, so it all went off smoothly!

B:  You've worked with him on more than one occasion, but is there a particular image that you'd like to capture of him or a location you'd like to use that you haven't done yet?

WP:  We have done a few different types of locations so far: Urban/city, natural/wilderness, night time, indoors, urban decay/concrete...I'm not sure what's left, but either way I'm sure they'll be very hot and sexy images!

B:  Every artist naturally gravitates to some aspect of their models that personally appeals to them. What do you strive to capture the most in your photos?

WP:  When I'm shooting models in general, I try to capture not just the model, but the atmosphere as well. I hope that I can capture a moment with the model in the right setting so that the model and the landscape are both appealing and interesting to the viewer.

B:  There are so many different opinions from his fans in regards to what they love about Jessie. What would you say is his best physical feature?

WP:  Front or back, he looks great lol

B:  What we see is only a small part of the total package. What do you think people would be most surprised to learn about Jessie as a person?

WP:  There are a few things about him that surprised me as I got to know him, but I'll pick one that is suitable to share! He's a very personable and inquisitive, interested person. Never a dull or quiet moment with this guy!


B:  The public can be notoriously fickle when it comes to their interests. Where do you see Jessie's career heading in the future?

WP:  Jessie seems open to different opportunities and directions, which is great I think. Bodybuilding/physical fitness seems to be a big enough passion of his that he could very well pursue that and be quite successful with it. Should he decide to continue and develop within the nude/erotic modeling industry, I'm sure he would be a success there as well!

B:  There are certain models that can cross genres and excel in each area. Do you feel Jessie is broad enough to work both in and out of the adult arena?

WP:  I think he could be a success at fitness modeling as well as within the adult genre.

B:  In addition to working with Jessie, what other projects should we be looking out for from you?

WP:  Actually, the past few months have been non-stop with different projects I'm juggling. I've been flying all over the US doing shoots for various clients, including PeterFever.com. In addition I'm doing a lot of underwear/swimwear editorial work these days with various designers. I'll be starting something very new and exciting in the next few months and I look forward to sharing it!

B:  You have quite a fan base yourself. Any last words for your admirers?

WP:  I feel so fortunate to have been able to do so much in the 2 short years since I started photography. I've met so many amazing, supportive and inspirational people and I'm excited for what's next. My fan base has been growing more and more as I grow with new projects and introduce new faces (and physiques!) to them and it's always exciting to me to see how they react to each model I work with. In closing I simply want to say THANK YOU so much for the continued support!

©2012 – Sean Dibble

David Costa