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BLISS:  When did you decide you wanted to become a model?

MC:  Between 2008-09, my interest in modeling was getting stronger. I have always had an admiration for art models and after viewing such great work from very talented individuals over the years, I thought to myself, “Hey! I can do this.” So my goal is to find great work as an art model and to tour the country and the world to pose for art classes at the top colleges and universities and to pose for acclaimed artists as well. 

B:  What was your first shoot like and who was the photographer?

MC: My first shoot was in 2009 with Chicago-based photographer Allan Spiers. It was an incredible experience because it was my first professional shoot without a stitch of clothing. I was a bit nervous at first but after shooting began, it seemed as if we were like old friends and we had a great time creating nice images. After the shoot ended, my confidence level increased entirely and I discovered a whole new world opening up.

B:  How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

MC: If the photographer wants a certain look from me, I will have plenty of time to prepare in order to achieve that certain look. So, the day before a shoot, I would work out for at least 45 min. to an hour, eat a light meal afterwards, get a good night sleep, and briefly before shooting begins, I manage to sneak in a few pushups and squats just to keep a steady adrenaline rush going and then it’s time to make the magic happen.  

B:  What would you say is your best feature?

MC: I have 2 actually. My smile because there is a boyish charm that comes along with it and my lower body because that is the foundation of having a nice physique and you want to start building from the bottom up.

B:  What’s the best lesson you’ve learned as a model?

A: Always be on time, professional, patient, camera-ready and never eat heavily before a shoot. 

B:  What was your favorite shoot and what made it so?

MC: There were so many great shoots I’ve done. But if I did have to choose a favorite of the moment, I would say the “Pink Gold Dust” shoot with Marcus McCormick because it was for a great cause during Breast Cancer Awareness month. Marcus is a very awesome photographer to work with and I was very honored to be a part of that concept.

B: What was your worst or most difficult shoot and what made it so?

MC: I can’t say that I have had a worst or most difficult shoot. Every shoot is a different learning experience and you just have to take baby steps and roll with the punches the best way you possibly can. “When you know better, you do better.” –Maya Angelou

B:  Would you do full frontal nudity? Why or why not?

MC: Yes, I would do full frontal nudity because it is a great way to overcome your inhibitions. As time went by, I have become more & more comfortable in my own skin and now I have no problem with being full frontally nude. I enjoy creating art with my own body that represents a sense of masculinity, strength, and grace with class and dignity. There’s no shame in that whatsoever. Plus, it’s all about a certain level of comfort. Some male models are very comfortable with baring it all. Other male models prefer to leave certain things to the imagination and I respect both parties a great deal.  

B: Are there any male models in your genre whose work you admire?

MC: Absolutely. There are so many male models that I look to for inspiration based upon how they carry themselves artistically and how I can relate to their state of presence by just viewing their images. It is not just about looks. It is all about light, shadow, great form, elements of balance, and awareness. I have a long list of favorites so bear with me please. LOL Derek Russo, Michelangelo DiNapoli, Gilles Marini, Bobby Momenteller, Bobby McCarther, Dario Borzi, David Davila, David Costa, Dionisio Heiderscheid, Dee Whitt, Eric Rensburg, Eric Turner, Ethan Maxwell Landry, Fahylando Jackson, Osiris Cruz, Jack Mackenroth, Jason Medina, Jean-Marie Castaing, JR Oliva, Jesse Garcia, Jessie Lee, Joel Evan Tye, Julian Fantechi, Kyle Goffney, Loren Michael, Luis Perrusquia, Matt Schiermeier, Martin Ellis, Pavel Petel, Peter Le, Quentin Elias, Rico Elbaz, Robert Gonzalez, Rogan Richards, Sam Devries, Stevo Bobbio, Stefan Pinto, Torey Suarez, Trevor Adams, Victor Po, William Levy, Yvan Cournoyer. (Those that were forgotten, I apologize and you are on this list as well. ;)) 

B:  What is it like working with KJ Heath?

MC: It is such a blast. He is very professional, humorous, and very down to earth. I could not have imagined my journey without him. “The Disco Years” concept was so much fun. We had so many ideas and just combined them into remarkable results and I cannot wait to work with him again. 

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  1. Very awesome!!!

  2. I love this article - Maurice is a wonderful model and a great guy to know... I love his work and want to see him do very well...

  3. Wonderful article - Maurice is a great model and a lovely man to know - I love his work and want him to do well in the future...


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