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It is a poorly kept secret that BLISS Male Mag loves David Davila. He graces the cover for the second time (a distinction he shares with only one other model – Turk Mason), each one shot by super photographer KJ Heath. The love for David extends far beyond just BLISS…he is also one of the models I most want to work with as a photographer.

There are many qualities that make models stand out in the eyes of artists and I would say that it is more than just his physique, his sexy Latino good looks and his penchant for appearing in very little clothing that appeals to me. It is the journey he is taking in his modeling that catches the attention and also what makes viewing each new image by each new photographer so exciting. Add to that his pure approachable personality, which anyone who is a friend of his on Facebook can attest to, and you have a man who is aware of his gifts but continues to showcase one even more special than the physical – his humility.

Today marks a special day in the life of Mr. Davila. Today he turns 30. What better tribute to this beautiful and wonderful man than to showcase his latest feature as a gift from BLISS. If you are on Facebook, go to his profile and send him a birthday wish.


BLISS:  Welcome back Mr. Davila. How does it feel to be one of only two models to be featured on the cover of BLISS twice?

DAVID DAVILA: I feel honored to have the opportunity to grace the cover once again.  Thank you Bliss!

B:  What have you been up to since the last feature we did two years ago in September?

DD:  I have been up to lots of fun stuff: weightlifting, eating, weightlifting, sleeping, weightlifting, running, etc.   Oh I’m kidding, I have been lifting but I have also been traveling and hitting up some shoots along the way.

B: You’ve teamed up with KJ Heath once again for our beautiful cover shot in tribute to your friend going through a breast cancer struggle. What is one of the best qualities about working with him?

DD: We did team up for a tribute and it was for my mom who is going a few rounds with breast cancer.  When I messaged KJ about the idea he had, he was very receptive and even wanted to try out something new that he was thinking about.  I would have to say his best quality would be his demeanor.  I have worked with many photographers and all of them are awesome in their own way, but KJ definitely has characteristics that make him approachable.  He’s also always enthusiastic about what we are going to shoot.

B:  Do you think he has helped to shape you as a model? If so, in what ways? 

DD: Heck yes he has helped shaped me as a model!  There are a possibly three photographers who have helped me find a great rhythm while in front of a camera and KJ is definitely one of them.  He’s always giving me the freedom to do random poses and if it’s not working we move on.  I think we have developed our own little rhythm for when we shoot.

B:  Your fans probably know you most by certain images and each one identifies with a different version of David. The shots that are embedded in my mind are the shower shots with KJ Heath and the implied nudes by Allan Spiers. Can you talk about those two shoots in particular?

DD:  With KJ, I have shot in the shower three times now.  The first time around, I have to say, I was still a bit of a rookie.  I look at my poses and face and say, “wow I could have done better.”  My second time around was definitely better and Bliss fans can probably agree with that since one of those shots landed me on the Bliss Cover.  I felt way more comfortable in my poses and in the shower that we really turned it up the heat for that one or was that the water that was warm?  Lol.  In either case, the third time’s always a charm.  We got into the shower and our rhythm was flowing.  It was probably our shortest shoot, but again the results speak for themselves. 

Allan and I have a different flow when we work together.  I have shot with him quite a few times now and we have been able to accomplish some really fun stuff.  I really have to dip my hat to him because he envisions the photos as we are shooting them.  One particular photo, “Falling,” he saw what he was going to do just from the way I posed. Once the shoot was over he jumped on his computer and spit out the image.  I was floored.  His artistry is amazing. 

B: You entered a Best Buns contest last year and your fans are grateful that you don’t mind showing it off in photos. Do you consider that to be one of your best ASSets? (pun intended)

DD:  Lol. I suppose there’s no denying that it does attract quite of bit of attention.  It’s amazing to me because at first I had no idea it was really even there and then the photos starting popping out and bam, a whole lotta A$$ was there.  Personally, I think it may become a signature just to have some buns in the photo.  

B: You’ve been asked this by everybody (including me in a previous interview) but I’m going to ask you again on behalf of all the people saying silent prayers that it will happen. Any chance of you being as revealing from the front end as you are from behind? If so, WHEN?!?!? LOL

DD:  Right now, I can’t say that I have any plans to do anything in the front.  There may be room for a little tease for all of ya though…

B: Since we are on the topic of your body, let’s move on to your fantastic physique. You make no secret of the fact that you love junk food and can eat anything you want, so how do you stay in such great shape?

DD:  3-4 hour workouts 3-5 times a week are what keep this lil guy fit. 

B:  What is it about modeling that attracts you so much?

DD:  I think I have found some camaraderie in it.  You meet so many people and network so heavily while being involved in this industry that you find yourself amid lots of great people who eventually become friends.

B: Are there any photographers that you have yet to work with that you really want to work with in the future?

DD: I do really want to work with Thomas Synnamon and Michael Stokes.  I love each of their styles for their obvious differences, but they both have amazing technique and would love to their watermarks grace my images.  I did not mention anymore because the others I have not worked with I will be working with soon or have made plans to work with them. So it is more of an eventuality. Ahem, Kevin and Osvaldo. ;-)

B:  If you had to pick one other male model whose portfolio you admire the most, who would it be and why?

DD:  Only one, I do not want to follow your rule.  Lol.  Actually, two portfolios come to mind and those models are Pablo Hernandez and Steven Dehler.  Since I have begun to model they are the two models that I have followed more closely than any others because they inspire me.  Both of them have made some huge strides in their careers and I seriously envy their ability to tear up the lens.

B:  You’re a big horror movie fan, as evidenced by your Facebook posts. What is it about the genre that appeals so much to you? Which movie would you say is the scariest and which is your favorite?

DD:  What 20 something male doesn't like blood, guts, and gore?  Ha ha.  It is actually the stuff we were raised on.  I was always in front of a television watching people run for their lives.  I think the fact that none of it could happen made it easy to watch, but it became addicting.  My absolute favorite is Freddy Krueger and I have a talking Freddy to prove it.

B:  You seem to have an affinity for the superhero genre as well. Which one would you most like to be and why?  

DD:  I would most likely be a male version of Jean Grey.  It would take a lot of strength and discipline to manage powers like hers and I’m definitely in tune with those traits.  Plus, I look good in tights.

B:  Models often are bombarded with just as much negativity as admiration and the internet allows people to be far braver with their comments than they ever would in real life. Have you had to deal with this? If so, what was one of the worst comments you've received?

DD: I have had some vulgar fans write stuff on my page, but I have come to the realization that when you put yourself in a position like this you have to be ready for all the criticism.  There will be the good, the bad, and the ugly but that comes with the territory.  I rise above it.  Most times I turn the cheek, but if it is too vulgar I delete it. PS.  The worst ones are never worth repeating ;-)

B: It takes a great deal of strength and character to handle those situations and maintain your self-esteem.  What advice would you give to other models who have been met with these harsh, negative and ugly comments? 

DD:  Your best advice will come from your worst comments.  Hidden within in the comment is something for you to use to develop your character.  That is why they are a necessary component.  Do not fret, just learn from it.

B:  Are you currently working on anything outside of modeling?

DD:  I am working on a Master’s Degree in Mathematics.  A truly rewarding experience, I would say because I get to go downtown all the time. 

B: You are a proud Puerto Rican and recently went to Puerto Rico. Why do you think Puerto Rican men are so appealing to the public?

DD:  Honestly, I am not sure.  We are some crazy, animated people but the appeal has to be coming from elsewhere.  

B:  You’ve described yourself as a nerd, albeit a very sexy one. What is it that you think earns you the nerd title?

DD:  Did you see what I am studying?  Ha ha.  Aside from my passion for numbers, I am a dedicated Words with friends player.  I love word games, video games, Math, and Star Trek.  Need I explain further?

B:  What is the best lesson you feel you have learned in life up to this point?

DD:  Keep your friends close and your family by your side.

B: What is the lasting impression you want people to have of you who only know you through your images?

DD: I want to keep that wow factor.  If I can keep making them look at new photos and saying “wow” I know I did my job.

B: What’s the next exciting project we can expect from you?

DD:  I do not have anything lined up just yet. I am still trying to get my name out there, per say.  

B: Any words for the many fans who enjoy your images?

DD:  Live long and prosper.  ^_^

©2013 – Sean Dibble


  1. I lost interest after his response to the seventh question.

    1. LOL. I can understand the disappointment but there are far more interesting qualities about David than just his penis, his beautiful physique and face. His spirit and heart are incredibly attractive and sexy. :-)

  2. I think he is uncut. I see foreskin


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