Saturday, July 27, 2013


You know the face.
You know that body.
You know that...

You have seen him before. Was it Facebook? Tumblr? Instagram? His website? That guy you've been checking out on Grindr who just happens to look like two other guys in profiles from another site? And isn't that the same one who sent you a friend request on Facebook even though your are already friends with him on another profile?

Will the real Brian Nieh please stand up!?!? 

Spend enough time online and you are bound to come across an image of Brian Nieh but that does not mean that he is the one who posted it. Outside of his official pages like, his Instagram (briannieh87) with over 22K followers, or his Facebook fan page, his photos are likely to pop up anywhere because so many people are caught up in his hashtag. The reason is obvious when you take in his mix of Puerto Rican and Chinese heritage, an ethnic blend which produced an incredibly beautiful result, but it goes deeper when you add the fact that Brian is an independent model and tireless self promoter who has created a brand out of his very physicality that defies category and does not shy away from overt sexuality. With so many people wanting just to look at you it isn't surprising that a few would appropriate your images to receive the same level of attention.

The real Brian remains humble about all of it and truly appreciates the support from his countless fans, preferring instead to focus on the next concept so that the images continue to come and his brand continues to grow and evolve. He is one of my all time favorite models, someone I have wanted to feature in BLISS since the beginning, and I consider him to be a media celebrity and the perfect cover model. His full interview will be posted later and his answers may surprise you, but for now, enjoy the visuals of #Briannieh.

©2013 - Sean Dibble



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