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When BLISS was started, the main intention was to showcase photographers, models and artists that inspired me or caught my attention for their unique style. Initially it was not always easy to convince these people to take the time to answer questions in what are, I admit, rather long interviews, but that changed as readership increased. The big increase was in large part due to the features of two very popular and prominent adult performers - Peter Lee and Turk Mason, both of whom remain in the top 5 of all time most viewed posts.

On March 3, 2011 Turk Mason broke the story of his retirement here in BLISS and the demand for him, and his alter ego Turk Mason, has never decreased. It's always a pleasure to revisit Frank, who now has a boyfriend, Gerrick Malicdem, and learn what is going on in his day to day, so for The SEX Issue he is back, but this time in his own words.

Take it away Frank.

In April 2011, as you know, I hung up my Turk Mason hat, took down my members fan site of 3 years, and shifted gears from an 8 year long career as an international and award winning adult entertainer to finish school and pursue other endeavors. For awhile I kept everyone updated via my new site - which, while it embraced Turk Mason, was geared more towards the man behind the name - the real me, Frank August Fanucchi. Also, a book by the same title was in the works, a story about my life to-date...a book that has yet to be finished or released but that is still very much in the works.  I will go into that later. 

Anyway, as few know, during my entire adult career I kept side jobs and went to school, constantly changing my mind, major, and place to live - I moved 16 times during this period of time all over California and for a brief while Las Vegas. Finally I have settled here in San Francisco, not far from my hometown of Sonoma. And in just one year here I have accomplished a great deal. Last November I graduated from Cosmetology School and became a licensed Esthetician. I acquired a job at a spa in the Castro of San Francisco interestingly named "Hand Job", where I currently still work by day. I quickly became the lead Esthetician here and took charge of promotions and product. In February we launched our own underwear brand as well...’cause let’s face it, who doesn't want a pair of undies that have Hand Job on the elastic haha! I of course became the face of the brand.

When I moved to SF, I also picked up a few bartending shifts at a very well known after hours club called The End Up, where I also currently work weekends. I was introduced to a few club promoters out here and within a month or two of moving I found myself on posters and flyers all over the Castro every other week or so to promote parties I was either Go-Go Dancing for or Hosting. I've been hosting local LGBT charity parties at least once a month since January and different venues. I have been go-go dancing all over the city about 1-3 times per week since November 2011.

Turk Mason is a HARD guy to kill off haha, as I like to say, no matter how many times I try to kill him off, he always manages to remain about 7 inches outta the grave :)
It wasn't long after I "retired" Turk that he came back - not by any means to the extent he used to be around...but present nonetheless. The difference? This time around he was going to explore the avenues his previous fan base may have frowned upon...the kinkier the better. Turk re-emerged in November 2011 in the very first full length scripted film Cocky Boys has ever released called "The Name of The Game" - where I played an art buyer to the rich who was too busy to find a boyfriend, so I ordered my entertainment in, in this case Cocky Boys exclusive Tommy Defendi...I also did an additional orgy scene for the film with Mason Star, and featuring all the Cocky Boys hottest exclusives. After this, I returned from New York and began filming a little here in San Francisco. A company relaunch for Edger 9, a trip down memory lane doing a set for one of the first companies I ever worked for - Boy Fun, another revisit to Hot House, and finally a scene for Kink - whose studios are only a few blocks from my apartment in SF.

Kink was a new one for me - I had done a little leather and bondage before and been interestingly turned on by I had decided to take it a bit further. During my career I tried just about everything - men, women, kink, piss, orgies, a gang bang, public sex, and your ordinary vanilla porn - what was left? ...Tranny porn. So I did a scene for Transexual Seduction with Foxxy... and I gotta say I liked it! Now I'm not gonna start chasing trannies, but it was an experience I enjoyed. Now Turk is laying kinda low...makes an appearance here and there - you can be sure to find me at the usual booth at LA & SF prides ( - but overall Turk is still very much retired. However, you have not seen the last of me on the screen - now the big screen, as myself. About a month back I completed filming a short film titled "Hours" which is one of 4 shorts for the larger independent film titled "Eternal" By Amir Jaffer. I don't wanna give anything away but be prepared to see a more sinister me.

In addition I have been dancing back up for a local Drag Celebrity and more importantly - good friend of mine, BeBe Sweetbriar. I was in the music video for her third single "Stand Up" - playing a familiar role, and I will be making a cameo in her upcoming video for the single "Here We Go (Up to the Sky)" coming soon. Keep up to date with all Bebe's events, performances, etc at (designed and maintained by yours truly - did I forget to mention I do web design on the side as well? haha - I keep busy). Another notable queen and friend of mine who you can find me Go-Going for every Thursday at the Castro's Edge Bar & Midnight Sun is Cookie Dough. Cookie invited me into her "Cookie Factory" (gang of Queens and Dough Hoes like myself) back in October when I performed small roles in a few of her shows. I was given the Dough Name "Sexy Dough", as I found a way to make every costume just a little bit more revealing haha! Also look out for Cookie's Husband, DJ MC2's new website (also by yours truly)

As for the rest...well, been keeping busy with all my work, and of course play ;) - traveling as much as my schedule permits, creating (starting to create my own underwear - I dance in the prototypes to work out the kinks haha), and writing my book. will once again become a place to find all things Frank / Turk soon enough, but in the meantime the best way to keep up to date on my life happenings is via my facebook @
my instagram: drunkasaurusrexurface
my twitter: turk mason

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